Tips For Playing About Top Drives – The Game of Driving Strategy

Are you a fan of cars and looking for an exciting new game to play? Look no further than Top Drives! This racing game from Hutch Games Ltd allows you to build up your dream garage full of the best cars around, then race them against other players. In this article, we will look at what makes Top Drives so fun, as well as how to get Gold and Cash quickly and easily. You’ll also learn about all the campaign cars available in the game. So buckle up and let’s get started!

Overview of Top Drives Game

Top Drives is an engaging and entertaining racing game in which players are tasked with building the ultimate garage of cars. Players must collect and upgrade new cars, as well as race to victory against opponents in thrilling tournaments and events. Developed by Hutch Games, creators of the award-winning MMX Hill Climb and the hit Real Racing games, Top Drives is a fun and exciting racing game that has been made to appeal to all kinds of players. In Top Drives, you can build up your own dream garage filled with rare and powerful cars from some of the world’s most iconic brands. Beginners may start off with simple cars like the Volkswagen Golf GTI or Ford Mustang GT; however, more experienced drivers may opt for higher-end models such as the Porsche 911 Turbo S or Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. As you progress through the game, you will be able to upgrade each car’s performance, paint scheme and even its interior!

The gameplay in Top Drives is intense and fast-paced: racers must compete against other drivers on a variety of tracks around the world before reaching the finish line first. Players can also take part in various tournaments to test their skills against other racers or challenge themselves with special events that put their driving prowess to the test. As you win races, you will earn rewards such as gold coins (the currency used in-game), cash and car upgrades which you can use to further customize your garage and build a champion racing team.

Building Your Dream Garage

Building your dream garage in Top Drives is an exciting journey that involves collecting cars from all over the world and customizing them to fit your style. To start off, you’ll need to build a base for your cars by constructing garages on the game’s map. You can build up to 10 garages, and each one can hold 5 cars. The more garages you have, the more cars you can store in your virtual collection. As you progress in the game, you will be able to upgrade your garages by using Gold, giving them additional slots and better performance capabilities.

Once you have your garages set up, it’s time to start collecting cars! You can add cars to your collection through car packs available in the store. These packs include varying amounts of cards which represent different types of vehicles; there are Common Cards (low tier), Rare Cards (mid-tier) and Epic Cards (high tier). Through these car packs, you can find some of the most iconic models from all eras, including classic muscle cars like the Ford Mustang or modern supercars such as Lamborghini Huracan Performante.

In addition to finding new cars through car packs, you can also work on improving existing ones through upgrading their performance parts and customizing their appearance with paint jobs and decals. This process requires money and Gold which can be earned through events such as daily tasks or completing chapters in Campaign Cars mode. In Campaign Cars mode, players travel around a virtual world while competing against AI opponents in order to earn rewards such as cash and Gold as well as coveted rare cards. As you make progress in Top Drives game, building up your dream garage will become easier thanks to the wide range of options available at your disposal. Collecting cards from car packs will grant you access to hundreds of different vehicles from all corners of the globe—all for unlocking an amazing driving experience that begins right at home!

Earning Gold and Cash Quickly and Easily

Earning Gold and Cash quickly and easily in Top Drives may seem daunting at first, but it is actually quite simple. The most efficient way to earn Top Drives Gold and Cash is by completing various events and challenges within the game. Events are typically found on the map or can be accessed through the world icon in the bottom right corner of the game. Completing events rewards you with both Gold and Cash, depending on what type of event you complete. In addition to completing events, another great way to quickly earn Gold and Cash is by participating in races. Races give you the chance to win huge sums of Gold or Cash for a relatively low investment. You can enter races with any car that has a high enough power rating, so make sure you have a number of cars ready for competition!

top drives cash and gold

Finally, don’t forget about Daily Tasks! Completing Daily Tasks is a great way to get bonus rewards such as Gold, Cash or even rare parts for cars! Additionally, there are also weekly tasks that give out even more generous rewards when completed on time. By taking advantage of all these different methods to earn Gold and Cash quickly and easily, Top Drives players can build their ultimate garage without having to worry about running out of resources!

Campaign Cars in Top Drives

Campaign cars in Top Drives provide players with an exciting and diverse range of rewards. Each campaign car is a unique machine that has a specific set of abilities and attributes. The cars are categorized by their rarity, power, speed and handling. All of these factors come into play when building your dream garage. With each event or challenge, new campaign cars are added to the game providing players with more opportunities to win rare and valuable cars. To unlock these exclusive vehicles, you must earn enough points by completing the event or challenge’s tasks within a specified time frame. Each task requires you to complete a certain number of laps, races or other goals in order for you to move up the leaderboard and increase your chances at unlocking the exclusive vehicles.

Campaign cars also come with special benefits such as high-grade parts for tuning up your car, bonus money for upgrades and events, or even exclusive rewards such as gold coins or cash packs. Collecting all the campaign cars can be incredibly rewarding as they offer some of the most powerful performance bonuses available in Top Drives. However, they do require dedication and hard work in order to progress through each event or challenge and unlock those elusive rewards!


In conclusion, Top Drives is an exciting racing game that allows players to build their dream garage. It features a vast array of cars and offers plenty of opportunities to earn Gold and Cash quickly and easily. From the classic cars in Campaign Mode to the high-performance cars featured in Special Events, there’s something for everyone. With its engaging gameplay and thrilling challenges, Top Drives is sure to become one of your favorite mobile games!

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