Tips and Tricks for Earning Star Coins in Star Stable

Star Stable is an exciting game that has attracted millions of players worldwide. In this game, you get to explore a vast world filled with horses, quests, and adventures. You can customize your character and horse, join clubs, compete in races, and make new friends.

One of the essential resources in Star Stable is star coins. These are virtual currency that allows you to purchase items such as horses, gear, clothing, and accessories. They also help you progress faster in the game by unlocking new areas and quests. If you’re just starting out or have been playing for a while but struggling to earn star coins quickly, don’t worry! I’ve compiled some tips and tricks that will help you earn more star coins in Star Stable:

Participate in Daily Quests

Daily quests are short missions that refresh every day at midnight server time. These tasks require little effort but offer significant rewards such as experience points (XP), reputation points (RP), Jorvik Shillings (JS), and sometimes even star coins.

To access daily quests, click on the “Quest Log” icon on the bottom right corner of your screen. Look for quests with a green circle around them; these indicate daily tasks. Complete as many daily quests as possible each day to maximize your rewards.

Complete Achievements

Achievements are milestones or objectives that reward you with XP, RP, JS or star coins when completed. There are various achievements available related to different aspects of the game such as exploration, racing events participation or winning specific competitions.

To view available achievements go under “Menu” > “Achievements.” Check out each category carefully before starting any objective because they have different difficulty levels assigned to them based on how challenging they might be.

Some achievements take longer than others so keep track of which ones give bigger rewards so you can prioritize accordingly when it comes down time to work on them.

Participate in Races

Races are an excellent way to earn star coins and other rewards while having fun. There are several types of races available such as dressage, cross-country, show jumping, and barrel racing.

To participate in a race, go under “Menu” > “Competitions” > “Races.” Choose the type of race you want to enter, read the rules carefully, and then sign up for it before it starts.

Make sure your horse has enough energy to compete by feeding him snacks or resting him after previous races. You can also equip your horse with gear that will boost his performance or make him look better during competitions. The higher your rank at the end of the race, the more star coins you’ll receive as a reward. Keep participating in races to level up your skills and increase your chances of winning bigger prizes. You can find more about different breeds here.

Join Clubs

Clubs are groups of players who share common interests such as horses breeds or competition styles. Joining a club allows you to socialize with like-minded people and gain access to exclusive events such as club championships or training sessions.

To join a club, go under “Menu” > “Club.” Look for clubs that match your preferences and send them requests to join. Once accepted into a club, make sure you participate actively in its activities and contribute positively towards its goals. Some clubs offer star coins rewards for completing specific tasks within their group so be on the lookout for those opportunities!

Sell Unwanted Items

As you progress through Star Stable, you’ll accumulate various items such as clothing pieces or old equipment that might not serve any purpose anymore. Instead of discarding these items away consider selling them!

To sell unwanted items visit an NPC (non-player character) vendor located throughout Jorvik City marketplace areas where there will be vendors selling different categories based on what they specialize in; i.e., clothing stores sell clothing items. Click on the item you want to sell and confirm that you want to trade it for Jorvik Shillings (JS). Once you’ve sold a few items, head over to the star coin shop and convert your JS into star coins.

Watch Ads

Watching ads is a simple way of earning free star coins in Star Stable. You can watch up to three ads per day, each with a reward of two star coins.

To watch ads, click on the “Star Coin Shop” icon located at the bottom left corner of your screen. Look for an option that says “Watch Ad” and click on it. Wait for the ad to play entirely before closing it; otherwise, you won’t receive any rewards.


Earning star coins in Star Stable requires patience and dedication but following these tips and tricks will help achieve those goals faster! Completing daily quests, participating in races or competitions, joining clubs or selling unwanted items are all great ways of boosting your income while having fun exploring all that this exciting world has to offer. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start earning those star coins!

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