The Best Tips For Playing The Airline Commander Game

Are you an aspiring pilot looking to join the ranks of the Airline Commander? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Airline Commander is a realistic airline simulation game that allows players to take control of their own flight network. You’ll get to experience the thrill of flying from one destination to another, while competing with other players and unlocking unique rewards. But if you truly want to be the best airline commander out there, there are some tips and tricks you should know about. In this article, we’ll discuss how to get AC Credits quickly and easily, uncover all the planes available in Airline Commander and provide some useful tips for becoming an accomplished airline commander. So let’s dive in!

Introduction to Airline Commander

Airline Commander is a 3D airline simulation game that puts you in the cockpit of your own commercial aircraft. Developed by Game-Labs, Airline Commander offers players a fully immersive and realistic experience, with advanced graphics and physics-based flight models. The goal of the game is to build up your airline empire by managing flights, earning money, buying new planes and expanding your fleet. In addition to the main single-player mode, Airline Commander also features an online multiplayer mode that allows players to compete against each other in exciting air battles. With its realistic visuals, challenging missions and engaging gameplay, it’s no wonder why Airline Commander has become one of the most popular flight simulators on the market today.

How to Earn AC Credits Quickly and Easily

Earning AC Credits quickly and easily is an essential part of mastering Airline Commander. Acquiring these credits unlocks higher levels, better aircrafts, and more importantly the competitive edge to beat the competition. To get started with earning AC Credits, here are some of the main methods:

1. Complete Missions: Missions are available for specific airports throughout the game. Completing a mission will reward you with AC Credits as well as increase your rank among other players.

2. Fly Contracts: When you reach a certain rank in the game, contracts become available that offer bigger rewards for completing them within a set amount of time. Completing these contracts will earn you lots of AC Credits which can help you unlock new airplanes and upgrades more quickly.

3. Play Events: Events are time-limited challenges which require you to complete certain tasks to earn rewards including AC Credits. These events may require flying passengers or cargo over long distances or beating other players in duels over short distances depending on what type of event it is.

4. Buy Packs: In-app purchases also offer packs containing items that can be used in game as well as currency such as AC Credits or premium currency such as diamonds. Buying packs is a great way to get ahead quickly if you have enough money to spare – but be aware that spending too much money could be detrimental to your progress in the long run since it’s possible to progress without buying anything at all! By following these simple tips, you can quickly and easily start earning AC Credits so that you can upgrade your planes and outsmart your competition!

Planes Available in Airline Commander

Airline Commander allows you to experience the life of a commercial airline pilot, letting you fly and manage your own virtual airline. As with most flight simulation games, there is a wide array of planes available for you to choose from in Airline Commander. From small single engine propeller planes like the Cessna 172 to large jet airliners such as the Boeing 777, Airline Commander has something for everyone. You can even unlock special vintage planes such as the DC-3 and the Fokker F27 Friendship. Each airplane has its own unique characteristics, from handling to fuel consumption, which will require you to adjust your strategies accordingly. Furthermore, each plane also comes with its own unique set of challenges that must be met if you want to succeed in Airline Commander.

For example, while small propeller aircraft are ideal for short distances and are more economical than larger jets, they are also slower and less capable of carrying large amounts of cargo or passengers in comparison. On the other hand, large jet aircraft offer greater speed and cargo capacity but are far more expensive to purchase and operate. No matter what type of aircraft you decide on, however, knowledge is key when it comes to succeeding in Airline Commander. That means familiarizing yourself with all aspects of a particular model’s performance – from takeoff speeds to fuel efficiency – so that you can make informed decisions about which plane is best suited for any given situation. With enough practice and dedication, you’ll be well on your way towards becoming an accomplished airline commander!

Tips for Becoming an Accomplished Airline Commander

Becoming an accomplished Airline Commander requires a bit of practice and knowledge. The game requires players to manage their own airline while competing against other online players in the same industry. Here are some tips on how to become successful at the game. Firstly, it is important to read up on the basics of aviation and flight management before diving into the game. Knowing how planes fly and what happens during takeoff and landing will help you better understand the controls and other aspects of running an airline in-game. Secondly, it is helpful to familiarize yourself with all the different types of aircraft available in Airline Commander. Being knowledgeable about their performance levels, speed, range and other features will give you an advantage when selecting planes for your fleet.

This will also allow you to choose flights for your planes that optimize them for maximum efficiency and lower costs. Thirdly, it is important to manage your fleet properly by making sure you have enough fuel, maintenance checks and spare parts. All these elements need to be taken into account when planning routes as they can affect profitability or lead to delays or even accidents if not managed well. It is also beneficial to keep track of prices for different destinations as this can affect profits if not done carefully. Finally, it is crucial to stay up-to-date with industry developments such as airport expansion or new plane models so that you can stay ahead of the competition. It is also important to keep track of customer reviews so that you can make sure people are satisfied with your service while avoiding any potential pitfalls along the way.


In conclusion, Airline Commander is a great flight simulator game that offers an enjoyable experience for gamers of all levels. The game allows players to become a successful airline commander by earning AC Credits quickly and easily. There is also a variety of planes available in the game, with plenty of customizations to make your aircraft unique. Finally, following certain tips can help you get ahead in the game and become an accomplished airline commander. With its fantastic graphics and immersive gameplay, Airline Commander is sure to fulfill all your aviation dreams!

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