How to Play with Friends in Stumble Guys – The Social Game

Are you looking for a new way to entertain yourself by playing a fun and competitive game? Then you should check out Stumble Guys, the exciting multiplayer brawler that’s taking the gaming world by storm! Stumble Guys is an online game where up to eight players take on different levels of obstacles and try to be the last one standing. Players collect coins, skins, and gems as they progress through the game, which can be used to upgrade their character. In this article, we’ll explore how to get the most out of your Stumble Guys experience with tips about collecting coins, skins, gems, and more! We’ll also discuss ways to unlock special features like Battle Pass rewards and cheats. So if you’re ready to start stumbling your way towards victory, keep reading!

Introduction to Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys is an exciting new battle royale game that pits up to 32 players against each other in a fast-paced match of wits and skill. Players must use agility, strategy, and quick reflexes to be the last man standing. As players progress through the game, they can collect coins, skins, and gems that allow them to unlock rewards like special items and new levels. In addition to its competitive gameplay, Stumble Guys also has plenty of zany characters and fun mini-games for players to enjoy during their play sessions. With its easy-to-learn controls and vibrant visuals, Stumble Guys is sure to provide hours of entertainment for gamers of all ages.

Collecting Coins, Skins and Gems

Collecting coins, skins and gems in Stumble Guys is essential to unlock the various rewards available in the game. Coins are earned by playing the game and can be used to purchase skins and other items. Skins provide a cosmetic look to your character, while gems allow you to purchase power-ups and boosts. You can also earn coins by completing daily missions or watching ads. The more coins you accumulate, the better chance you have of unlocking rewards such as avatars, costumes and even tools for crafting. Gems are a premium currency in Stumble Guys that can be purchased with real money or acquired through specific events. They allow players to purchase special boosts and upgrades that give them an edge over their opponents. For example, the sprint boost gives players a speed advantage over their opponents and allows them to reach the finish line faster than usual. With enough gems, players can unlock skins and rare items such as avatars or costumes that cannot be obtained through coins alone. Players who want to get ahead of their competition should focus on collecting as many coins, skins and gems as possible. This will give them access to powerful tools, boosts and special items that will help them advance quickly through levels. As they progress further into the game, they should take advantage of exclusive events offering extra bonuses in order to get even more out of Stumble Guys!

Unlocking Battle Pass Rewards

Unlocking Battle Pass rewards in Stumble Guys requires patience and dedication. You will need to play the game regularly to level up and complete challenges in order to unlock these rewards. As you progress in the game, you will earn Battle Pass points which can be used to purchase various rewards such as skins, coins, gems, or even exclusive items. The more points you have, the better your chances of unlocking the rewards. Battle Pass rewards come in three tiers – Basic, Pro, and Elite. Each tier offers different types of rewards such as skins or coins. With Basic you get basic-level skins and coins; with Pro you can get mid-to-high level skins and coins; and with Elite you can expect high-end skins and coins that are exclusive only to Elite members.

The Battle Pass also includes Challenges that offer even more reward opportunities. These Challenges often require players to complete tasks within a certain amount of time or reach a certain score threshold before unlocking them. Once completed, these Challenges offer extra rewards like gems or exclusive items that cannot be obtained any other way. Of course, it is possible for players who don’t have access to the Battle Pass system to still acquire some of these rewards by simply playing the game long enough to get enough points to purchase them through normal gameplay. However, having access to the Battle Pass system offers a much faster route towards unlocking those same rewards.

Using Cheats for an Advantage

Cheating in Stumble Guys is not just possible, but almost encouraged. There are many cheats and secrets that can be used to give yourself an edge in the game. These cheats range from simple tricks like using a controller to gain an advantage, to more complex methods like using game mods or various hacks. Using a controller is by far the easiest way to cheat in Stumble Guys. Most controllers come pre-programmed with certain button combinations that can be used to perform various actions quickly and easily. With a controller, you can jump higher, move faster and even use special attacks without having to worry about timing your moves perfectly. This makes getting through levels much easier and gives you a significant edge in multiplayer modes. Game mods are also popular among Stumble Guys players looking for an advantage. Mods allow you to modify the game’s code and give yourself access to items or abilities that wouldn’t normally be available in the game.

You might be able to unlock new characters, or even change existing levels so they’re easier for you to complete. However, it’s important to bear in mind that using some of these mods could get you banned from playing online if you’re caught by other players or by the game’s developers themselves. Finally, there are various hacks available for Stumble Guys which promise even greater advantages than those offered by mods and controllers. By entering certain codes into the game’s console window, you can gain access to unlimited coins, gems and skins – giving you an incredible advantage over other players who don’t have these resources at their disposal. Be warned though: while they may seem like a good idea at first, these types of hacks have been known to cause serious problems with both your computer and your account – so use them at your own risk!

Tips for Getting More Out of Stumble Guys

When playing Stumble Guys, there are several tips to maximize your experience and get the most out of the game. One way to do this is by taking advantage of daily rewards. By completing a certain number of levels each day, players can earn coins and gems that can be used to purchase skins or other in-game items. Additionally, if you play with friends, you may be able to compete for daily leaderboard rankings that can provide extra rewards such as increased coin drops or free skins. Another way to get more out of Stumble Guys is to focus on maximizing your points during levels. By executing quick dodges and avoiding obstacles efficiently, you’ll be able to earn bonus points that add up quickly over time. You should also try to stay in first place during races since this will give you an additional bonus at the end of the level. Finally, it’s important to take advantage of special events when they occur. These tend to give players extra coins, gems or even exclusive skins that cannot be found anywhere else in-game. It’s best not to miss these opportunities when they come up as they are usually very rewarding and fun!


In conclusion, Stumble Guys is an incredibly enjoyable game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. It offers a variety of ways to play, from collecting coins and skins to using cheats for an advantage. Unlocking battle pass rewards allows players to progress through the levels and get more out of the game. Additionally, a few simple tips can help you maximize your experience and get even more gems. With its wide range of customization options and easy-to-play mechanics, Stumble Guys is sure to provide hours of entertainment for anyone who plays it.

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