How To Play State Of Survival – Tips And Tricks For The New Player

Are you ready to take on the Zombie Apocalypse? State of Survival is one of the best zombie-themed mobile games out there. It’s packed full of action and adventure, allowing players to build alliances, fight off hordes of zombies, and develop their base into a formidable fortress. To help you in your fight against the undead horde, we’ve put together a helpful guide on how to get Biocap in State Of Survival. With our tips and tricks, you’ll be able to become a powerful leader in no time! So read on to find out more about this thrilling game and how you can get your hands on some much needed Biocap!

What is State Of Survival? – Understanding the Basics of the Game

State Of Survival is an immersive and highly strategic game that gives players the opportunity to create their own post-apocalyptic world. Players must work together to survive in a hostile environment where resources are scarce, alliances are essential and every decision matters. In this game, one of the most important resources is Biocap, which is used to purchase items, build structures, research and recruit units. As such, it’s important for players to understand how to get Biocap and strategically use it for maximum success. The first step in understanding how to get Biocap in State Of Survival is knowing what it actually is. This resource represents the virtual currency used within the game and can be earned through a variety of means. One of the primary methods of obtaining Biocap within State Of Survival is by participating in events and completing missions. These tasks can provide rewards such as materials, weapons or even gold coins – which can then be exchanged into Biocaps at the bank. Additionally, some special events offer exclusive rewards that can only be obtained with Biocaps – such as special equipment or characters – so it’s worth keeping an eye out for these opportunities!

Players can also earn Biocaps by joining forces with other survivors in an alliance. Alliances provide both protection from enemies as well as access to powerful boosts that increase a player’s production rate or reduce training time for their troops. Through their alliances, players can also receive gifts from their teammates – often including packs containing valuable resources like food or materials – which can then be converted into Biocaps at the alliance store. Finally, another way for players to gain access to more Biocaps is by establishing a strong base in State Of Survival. Having a secure base with plenty of defensive structures will help protect your settlement from enemy attacks – but it will also provide you with more opportunities for gathering vital resources like food and fuel which can be exchanged for Biocaps at any vendor located outside your base walls! Additionally, building powerful upgrades will not only improve your base’s efficiency but may unlock new features that require spending additional biocaps – such as special abilities or unique items – so make sure you have plenty on hand before attempting these challenging tasks!

Why Do You Need Biocap in State Of Survival? – Unlocking New Opportunities and Features

Biocap is an essential resource in State of Survival that allows players to access a variety of unique features and content. As the game progresses, you will need Biocap to upgrade your base, purchase new items and resources, and even unlock exclusive content. It is also necessary for joining Alliances and completing certain tasks within them. With Biocap, you can take your gameplay experience to the next level! Players can earn Biocap by completing various daily tasks such as killing zombies, researching new technologies, and collecting resources from various locations. You can also get free rewards from events or logins by participating in alliance activities.

Establishing a strong base is also crucial as it provides more opportunities to gather resources and gain Biocap faster. Additionally, trading with other players in the market will generate additional income which can be used to purchase items or upgrade buildings. Finally, there are several tools available online that can help you find higher paying missions which reward much more Biocap than usual tasks. In conclusion, acquiring Biocap is key to becoming a successful survivor in State of Survival. Players should take advantage of all the different ways they can obtain this valuable resource in order to stay ahead of their opponents and unlock powerful bonuses. With enough dedication and planning, you too can become an unstoppable survivor!

How to Earn Biocap in State Of Survival – Top Tips and Tricks

When it comes to State Of Survival, Biocap is a valuable resource that can help you progress in the game and unlock new content. There are several ways to earn Biocap in State Of Survival, and each has its own benefits. Here are some of the top tips and tricks for earning Biocap: Completing Quests – Completing quests is one of the most efficient ways to earn Biocap in State Of Survival. Players can gain biocaps by completing missions, participating in events and taking on special rewards tasks. Each quest completed will reward players with a certain amount of Biocap, which adds up over time if done regularly.Collecting Resources – Collecting resources such as food, wood and iron from around the map is another effective way to build up your Biocap reserves. These resources can be sold for Biocaps at any store or traded for other resources or items with other players. Each type of resource collected will reward different amounts of biocaps, so it’s important to pay attention to what each item is worth before trading or selling them off.

Daily Rewards – Players who log into the game every day will receive daily rewards which can include items such as biocaps and other useful items. It’s important to remember to claim these rewards each day in order to maximize your earnings! Gaining XP – Experience points (XP) are also an important factor when it comes to earning Biocaps. Gaining XP by completing quests, participating in events or crafting items will increase your experience level which unlocks more rewards and bonuses over time. The higher your level, the better your chances at receiving higher amounts of biocaps as rewards! Participating in Events – Events are another great way to earn more biocaps by competing against other players or teams for points and rewards. Participation in events often gives players access to exclusive items such as advanced weapons or powerful troops that can help them progress further faster than ever before!

Gaining Biocap Through Alliances – Reaping the Rewards of Teamwork

In State of Survival, forming an alliance can be highly beneficial as it provides a way to earn more Biocap. Alliances are groups of players that work together to achieve shared goals and reap the rewards of collective effort. Through alliances, players can gain access to resources, support in battles, and most importantly, more Biocap. One way to earn Biocap through alliances is by completing joint missions with other members. These missions might involve tasks such as gathering resources or fighting off hordes of zombies and raiding rival bases. Alliances will often provide rewards for completing these tasks which include Biocap and other in-game items such as weapons or armor. Additionally, successful raids on enemy fortresses can also yield large amounts of Biocap for the entire alliance.

Another way to gain extra Biocap is through helping allies during battles. By coming to the aid of a fellow alliance member in need, you can be rewarded with bonus Biocap that goes towards your own personal stash. Furthermore, if your allies are victorious in their fight against an enemy faction, you will be able to share in the spoils of war with a generous amount of extra Biocap for yourself. Alliances also offer great opportunities for trading resources like food, water, fuel and even medicines at discounted prices due to special agreements made between members. This provides additional bonuses that can all add up over time resulting in greater earnings overall from your alliance membership and providing more valuable resources overall for you to use within the game itself. Lastly, alliances also have their own ranking system which allows players who contribute significantly to be rewarded with higher titles and badges along with even more bonuses such as increased production speed or additional perks when trading goods with other members. All this adds up over time creating an environment where everyone helps each other out while still being able to reap the rewards later down the line when needed most!


In conclusion, State Of Survival is a great game to play with lots of features to explore and enjoy. To get the most out of the game, it’s important to understand how Biocap works and how to earn it. There are various methods of unlocking new opportunities and features, from completing missions and tasks to gaining Biocap through alliances. Establishing a strong base offers many benefits as well as resources that can help you get more Biocap. All in all, State Of Survival provides players with an immersive experience and exciting chances to progress their characters while earning rewards along the way!

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