How to Play Chief Almighty – The Strategy for Beginners

Do you want to unlock special rewards and get more gems? Well, the key is to understand the game and its systems so that you can excel at it. In this guide, we will focus on the basics of Chief Almighty and discuss how to earn more gems. So buckle up, because by the end of this guide, you’ll be a master at Chief Almighty!

What is Chief Almighty?

Chief Almighty is an online strategy game that offers an exciting challenge to players. In the game, you play as a chief who has to lead their tribe through various challenges and tasks. You’ll need to collect resources, build structures, and fight off enemies in order to progress. As your progress, you can earn different rewards such as coins or gems which can be used to purchase upgrades or new equipment for your village. The game also features several bonus levels that require special strategies and tactics in order to successfully complete them. The game is full of surprises and it will keep you busy for hours!

Learning the Basics of the Game

Learning the basics of Chief Almighty is essential for quickly advancing through the game. To get started, players must familiarize themselves with the main game mechanics. The primary goal of the game is to earn gems by completing levels and challenges. Gems can then be used to purchase upgrades, unlock special rewards, and progress further in the game. Each level consists of a series of puzzles that must be solved in order to progress. As players complete each puzzle, they will gain experience points (XP) which will help them level up and unlock new abilities. In addition to puzzles, there are also mini-games that require quick reflexes and strategy in order to gain bonus gems or items.

In addition to completing levels and puzzles, players can earn bonus gems by participating in daily events or purchasing them from the in-game store using real-world money. Those who are patient can also take advantage of various discounts that periodically appear on certain items or bundles. Finally, one of the best ways for players to gain an edge against their opponents is by collecting avatars and power-ups. Avatars are unique characters that provide bonuses such as increased XP gains or faster completion times when equipped during gameplay. Power-ups give players advantages such as extra time or invincibility during a stage, allowing them to reach higher scores without having to spend too much energy on tougher challenges.

Strategies to Earn More Gems

One of the best ways to earn more gems in Chief Almighty is by completing daily tasks. Each day, a specific task will be available that rewards players with several gems when completed. These daily tasks can range anywhere from collecting a certain amount of coins, to battling a certain type of enemy. Completing these tasks can help players build up their gem count quickly and easily. Another way to earn gems is by visiting the shop and using real world currency to purchase them. However, this isn’t always necessary as there are several other methods that players can use to get more gems without spending money.

Players can also complete missions or quests within the game in order to receive a reward of gems. These missions or quests can be found on the game’s main menu screen and will often require players to complete various objectives such as defeating enemies, exploring dungeons or battling bosses. Upon completion of these missions or quests, players will be rewarded with a generous helping of gems for their effort. Finally, Chief Almighty offers several special events throughout the year which offer extra rewards for participating players – including plenty of gems! Be sure to check back regularly for special events and participate in them whenever possible if you’re looking for even more ways to earn those precious gems!

Unlocking Special Rewards

Unlocking special rewards in Chief Almighty is an exciting way to get gems and progress in the game. Special rewards are earned by completing various tasks and challenges, such as collecting a specific number of hearts or unlocking all levels. These rewards can also be earned by achieving certain milestones, like reaching level 10 or 20. To obtain these rewards, players must complete the required task within the allotted time frame. One way to get special rewards is through daily quests and weekly events. These may require players to accomplish certain objectives or reach certain goals within a certain amount of time. Completing these tasks will give players access to exclusive items not available anywhere else in the game, such as new characters or special power-ups.

Additionally, completing daily quests can award players with extra gems, which can be used to purchase upgrades for their characters or other items from the store. Another way to unlock special rewards is by collecting stars throughout the game. Collecting enough stars will unlock bonus levels and mini-games that can be played for even more gems and rewards. Some levels may even require players to use specific power-ups in order to move forward, so it’s always important to check which items are needed when playing each stage. Finally, some special rewards are only unlocked after achieving certain ranks within the game’s leaderboards. Players who have reached higher rankings will receive exclusive bonus items that cannot be found anywhere else in the game. It’s important to note though that these rankings are based on total points earned during each season, so it’ll take some hard work and dedication if you want to make it into one of these elite groups!

Mastering Chief Almighty

Mastering Chief Almighty requires players to develop a good understanding of the game’s mechanics and an ability to react quickly in intense situations. To become a pro, one must start by getting familiar with the different characters, their abilities and the various items they can use. It is also important to have a grasp on the rules of the game and learn how to best utilize resources like gems, gold and time. Developing reflexes is key in order to survive difficult encounters on higher levels. Knowing when to dodge or block incoming attacks as well as when to attack in return makes all the difference between defeat and victory.

Additionally, being able to keep track of multiple enemies at once can be helpful when trying to stay alive longer. Formulating strategies for each level is also advisable for those who want to master Chief Almighty. Looking out for weak points in enemies, plotting possible routes around obstacles or sieges, or making sure that items are used efficiently are just some examples of what goes into strategic planning before playing a stage. Finally, it is important for players to take advantage of special rewards such as extra lives, bonus gems or other bonuses which can be unlocked by collecting items during gameplay or watching ads from sponsors. These rewards allow gamers more playtime and help them increase their chances of reaching higher levels with ease.


The journey to mastering Chief Almighty can be a long and difficult one, but it doesn’t have to be. By learning the basic game mechanics, understanding strategies for earning more gems, and unlocking special rewards, you can become an expert in no time! With enough dedication and practice, you will soon find yourself ruling the realms of Chief Almighty and dominating your opponents. So don’t wait any longer – go out there and prove that you are the ultimate Chief Almighty champion!

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