Animal Jam Play Wild – The Ultimate Guide to Leveling Up Fast

Have you ever wanted to explore the wilds of Jamaa with your own animal companions? Animal Jam Play Wild is a virtual world that lets you live out your dream of becoming an animal! In this game, you can adopt and customize your own pet, join a pack of wolves or cats, and embark on thrilling adventures across Jamaa. You can also collect Sapphires and Gems to use for special items like rare pets, unique clothing, and decorative items for your den. With Animal Jam Play Wild, you’re free to explore the wild in any way you choose!

What Is Animal Jam Play Wild?

Animal Jam Play Wild is an interative game developed by National Geographic and WildWorks. It allows players to create their own custom animal characters, explore a vast world of Jamaa, join packs, collect sapphires and gems, use the gems to buy special items and take part in exciting adventures. Players can choose from a variety of different animals such as wolves, tigers and monkeys. They can also customize the colors and patterns of their chosen animal’s fur or skin. Once they have created their character, players are free to explore the world of Jamaa with their new pet.

The game includes a wide array of activities for users to partake in. Players can join packs which allow them to team up with other online players in order to complete various goals together. Packs have certain objectives that must be achieved in order to progress within the game. Additionally, Animal Jam Play Wild allows users to collect sapphires and gems as they play the game which can be used to purchase special items such as furniture and clothing for their animal avatar. The game also features exclusive Alpha Chests which contain rare rewards such as exclusive items and outfits that cannot be found anywhere else in the game. Players are also able to go on different adventures around Jamaa where they can encounter various creatures that inhabit the land and complete various tasks or puzzles which reward them with more sapphires and gems upon completion. Animal Jam Play Wild offers endless hours of entertainment for animal lovers of all ages!

How to Create Your Own Animal Character

Creating your own animal character in Animal Jam Play Wild is an exciting and rewarding experience! The game has a wide range of animals to choose from, including lions, tigers, wolves, pandas and more. Selecting your animal will be the first step in creating your character’s unique look. You can customize everything from the color of your fur to the type of accessories you want your animal to wear. Once you’ve chosen your animal and customized its appearance, it’s time to give it a name. You can choose from one of the pre-made names or create a custom one for yourself. After that, you’re ready to jump into the world of Jamaa and explore!

Joining a Pack in Animal Jam Play Wild

Joining a Pack in Animal Jam Play Wild is an exciting way to make friends and explore Jamaa together. Packs are groups of players who can go on adventures and join activities together. You will be able to see your pack members online, chat with them and even send gifts to each other. To join a pack, you’ll need to find one that interests you, ask for an invite from the Pack Leader and then accept it. Different packs have different activities they enjoy doing so it’s important to choose one that fits your interests. Some packs specialize in exploring the world of Jamaa while others focus on finding rare items or completing daily challenges. Once you have joined a pack, you will gain access to special events and rewards exclusive to that particular pack. Joining a pack also allows you to participate in weekly leaderboards where you can win gems or sapphires for reaching the top spot!

Being part of a pack has many benefits – not only will you make new friends but also work together with them as well as complete daily tasks which grant bonus XP points. You’ll be able to access special areas of the game exclusive for members of your pack and earn exclusive rewards such as animals, clothing items or den decorations. Lastly, when joining a pack, keep in mind that all packs come with rules that must be respected by all members so make sure you read them before joining!

Collecting Sapphires and Gems

Sapphires and Gems are two of the most important currencies in Animal Jam Play Wild. They can be used to purchase exclusive items, such as clothes, furniture, and pets. Sapphires are the main currency of the game and are earned by completing daily tasks and playing games. Gems can also be earned through completing tasks and playing games, but they are much rarer than Sapphires. Some players may even find rare Alpha Chests while exploring Jamaa that contain both Sapphires and Gems! In addition to earning Sapphires and Gems through the game, players can also purchase these currencies with real money. If a player opts for this method of collecting Sapphires and Gems, they will have access to exclusive items not available to everyone else who is playing for free. Players can also use their Sapphires and Gems to purchase Animal Jam Play Wild memberships. These memberships come with lots of special perks including exclusive items, more quests to complete, access to special locations in Jamaa, and more! With a membership, players can really make their animal character stand out from the crowd!

Using Sapphires and Gems to Buy Special Items

Sapphires and Gems are two of the main currencies used in Animal Jam Play Wild. With Sapphires and Gems, you can buy exclusive items from the Sapphire Shop or Gem Store. Some of these items include special clothing and accessories, unique pets, rare furniture, uncommon den items and more. You can also purchase other services such as extra storage space for your inventory or exclusive adventures that will give you even more rewards. One of the best ways to get Sapphires and Gems is by participating in special events. For example, when you complete certain tasks during a seasonal event, you may be rewarded with bonus Sapphires or Gems. Additionally, completing certain collections also grant bonus Sapphires or Gems as a reward.

You can also find Alpha Chests scattered around Jamaa that contain Sapphires or Gems inside them. These chests are opened with Keys that can be purchased from the Sapphire Shop or earned from Adventures. Additionally, trading with other players is another great way to get your hands on some Sapphires and Gems at a discounted price! Lastly, redeeming gift cards from stores like Target gives players access to limited edition bundles containing Sapphires and Gems too! So be sure to keep an eye out for these offers if you’re looking to make purchases in-game without having to use real money.

Exploring the Wilds of Jamaa with Animal Jam Play Wild

In Animal Jam Play Wild, there are a variety of different environments to explore. Jamaa’s wilds are full of vibrant landscapes filled with lush trees, colorful plants and exotic animals. In these wilds, you can discover caves, mines, oceans, and rivers. Whether you want to explore the depths of mysterious caverns or take an exciting journey across the ocean’s surface, Jamaa has something for everyone! Jamaa also contains a variety of creatures that you can find while exploring its wilds. You may encounter friendly animals like pandas and foxes, or dangerous creatures such as bears and saber-toothed cats. All these animals have unique behaviors and appearances, making them all the more interesting to discover. Plus, some of these animals are so rare that they may only appear in certain parts of the world!

Exploring Jamaa’s wilds is even more fun when you join a pack. With your packmates by your side, you can take on tough challenges or go on daring adventures together. Together you can search for treasure chests full of rewards and battle against powerful bosses. Whenever you need help from your packmates, they’ll be there to support you every step of the way! So if you’re looking for an exciting adventure that will take you around the world in no time at all, then try exploring the wilds of Jamaa with Animal Jam Play Wild! Who knows what secrets you’ll uncover along your journey? In conclusion, Animal Jam Play Wild is a fun and exciting game for everyone! You can explore the wilds of Jamaa from your own home and create your own unique animal character. With Animal Jam Play Wild, you can join a pack, collect sapphires and gems to purchase special items, and even complete adventures! So don’t wait any longer- start your journey today and discover the wonders of Animal Jam Play Wild!

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