Indie Comic Spotlight: Dusk

Today I speak with Jason Bienvenu, who I first heard about during his work on The Kingdom. Now I sit back and speak to him about his upcoming work on Dusk.

So Jason tell our readers what Dusk is about?
Dusk is a sci-fi thriller that takes place on a distant planet hanging completely motionless in space. One side is constantly drenched in sunlight and duskmainheat while the other is dark and cold. On the edge of light and dark is a habitable area where the city of Dusk has been built, forever trapped in the same time of day. Two sisters get caught up in the criminal element lurking in the shadows of the darker edge of the city. Alien artifacts, kids disappearing, people dying under mysterious circumstances and the underlying of mystery of why the planet is motionless all come to a climax as the fate of the entire planet rests in the hands of a teenage girl.

Can you tell us a little bit about the sisters? Are they the main characters in the story?
The main characters are Kaitlyn, 13, and her older sister Christina, 25. Their parents recently died in a car accident. Afterwards Kaitlyn was sent to live with Christina on Dusk. Kaitlyn is extremely smart and has trouble fitting in with kids her age because of that. She found friends in the animals she would rescue from the pound, though she kind of overdid it. Christina has always had a sense of adventure and moved away as soon as she could, accepting a job with a company that deals in mining on other planets just for the chance to go to and explore those worlds, though it hasn’t been everything she had hoped.

dusk1What was your inspiration for Dusk?
A love of sci-fi and fantastic settings definitely played a big role in the ideas behind Dusk. There was a period where we sat down and thought about what we’d like to read and what wasn’t being done that we’d like to see. We’d look to anything that got us thinking about what would be neat and then try to change that enough so that it would surprise and excite us and hopefully the readers.

Do you intend for Dusk to be an ongoing, mini series, maxi series, one shot?
The plans for Dusk so far are to create 2 six-issue miniseries’ that would bring the story to a satisfying conclusion. We have ideas for how to continue from there but haven’t decided if we’d like to continue or start on some of the other ideas we’ve been working on in our spare time.

Who else is working on Dusk with you, and what role do you play in putting this together?
So far this has just been a two man job. Brandon Gary is the writer and editor, but also does the majority of the lettering as well. Jason Bienvenu creates all the line-art, colors, cover art and design.dusk2

Did you pitch this to other studios?
We have only pitched Dusk to Dark Horse, and only after the first issue was complete. As of writing this, the submission has only just been sent so we are anxiously awaiting a reply. If Dark Horse chooses to pass on Dusk we will most likely submit to a few other publishers we like. Should all of those options fail we will most likely crowdfund to print the trade paperbacks collecting the first six issues. After that we will weigh our options about what project to do next and whether rounding out the story of Dusk would be our top priority or not.

In a perfect world where do you see Dusk 3 years from now? (Spin offs, trades, optioned?)
We would love to see the world of Dusk grow, having more stories from the city come out. There will definitely be a trade of the first twelve issues by three years from now. We would also be very excited to see a translation make its way to the big screen, making each story arc into a separate film or season of episodes depending on what seems like the best fit at that point.

dusk3What are you doing to make Dusk stand out from the crowd?
We feel like our young female protagonist might be a strong draw for a demographic that hasn’t seen a lot of themselves represented in comic books. We are certainly not the only comic to do this and it was never our intention to appeal to this crowd, we simply devised what we thought would be the best story and it happened to have a teenage girl in the role of the hero.

Where can people pick Dusk up?
Physical copies of our first and second issue will be available at a few upcoming conventions, Louisiana Comic Con in Lafayette, LA Oct. 17th -18th, Fanaticon in Ozark, AL Nov 14th-15th and Wizard World Comic Con in New Orleans, LA Jan. 8th-10th.
A digital preview copy of the first full issue is currently available on our website through Gumroad, though this will likely be replaced should a publisher take interest.

What social media sites can people find out more about you and Dusk ?
Dusk is on:dusk4
Facebook –
Instagram –
Tumblr –
Twitter –
Please follow us to keep up with how th issues are coming along. The second issue is due out in early September!

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