Small Press Area and floor plan for NYCC 2015 revealed.

We just received the floor plan for New York Comic Con 2015, which will be at the Jacob Javits Center, and want to share it with you. If you look below the area shaded in purple will be the small press area. Booth numbers start at 938 and go all the way up to 1371. This will not be the only area for small press at NYCC 2015, but the biggest concentration (and some of the most affordable booths) will be here. floorplan
For those of you that were a part of NYCC 2014, you will remember this as the same place small press was last year. While this may seem like it is the standard layout, that is not always the case. In years past the Jacob Javits Center was under renovation, while still open and hosting events. This meant sections were closed off  as seen in the picture below from NYCC 2010. That year small press was to the left of it’s current location, and just below the artist alley rows, which are labeled A-U.


This floor plan was from NYCC 2011. You will notice a gray shaded area which meant the space was unusable. That year small press and artist alley would find itself in the upper half to the right of the gray shaded area.


The New York Comic Con has been known at times to have small press in the North Pavilion area of the Javits Center, but that is mostly reserved for celebrities and artist alley.  So if you find yourself in here as small press, you may get lost in the shuffle of autograph hounds, with their eyes looking for signatures, pictures or sketches.


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