Creator Spotlight: Ramon Gil

Today we meet up with Ramon Gil, who’s had his work featured in The Artists’ & Graphic Designers’ Market, Creme Magazine, Altra Magazine, Crain’s New York and Stephen Romaniello’s The Perfect Digital Portfolio.

What drove you to enter the world of comic books as a creator?
Y’know, I ask myself that question all the time. I’ve been reading comics books since I was 7 years old and I could always draw and it never occurred toscifies me to not do it.

How did you get into Comics?
My grandmother was a writer and editor for a publishing company that also owned a book store chain. As a kid, she would let me pick out as many comic books as I wanted and put it on her account. Growing up, I never really thought I would do anything else.
For those that do not know you, what is your main focus as a creator, are you a writer, inker, penciler, publisher, letterer?
20 years ago, I started as an illustrator at Vortex Comics doing NASCAR autobiographies, I tell ya, learned more about stock car racing than I ever wanted to. Now I’m primarily writing. I can write faster than I draw. And hopefully, I write better too. Ha ha. Plus I’m self-publishing which means hiring and managing the artists, colorists, letterers and doing all the design and print production.

What are you currently working on?
A bunch of different things. “Senturies” which is a sci-fi tale with a little historical events thrown in, being drawn my Gerard Conte. I’m going to b publishing “The Men from DARPA” as a webcomic with art by Cee Raymond. Last is “The Hard Code.” An android cop and her partner must avert a war between man and machines. Art by the legendary Trevor Von Eeden.

scifies2How long have you been working on these?
Hmmn. I don’t know…maybe May or June. I only decided a year ago to get back into the business but I’ve been doing A LOT!

What else have you worked on?
Let’ see…well my short story “Digit Debacle” was in the “Out of the Blue” anthology from Stache Publishing. A story about a first contact mission gone horribly wrong. Indie Comics Magazine is coming out with The Professional(s), a superhero/crime drama that focuses on the politics and logistics of crime-fighting within a corrupt police department. Both stories are drawn by Lui Antonio. He’s my “go to” guy. I also just drew a Christmas horror tale written by Brendan Hykes for the Santa’s Favorite Tales anthology.

Where can people find more of your work?
They can go to My self-published anthologies “Scifies” is also available on Amazon and Carmine Street Comics. Hopefully, more in the future.

What would you like to work on that you have not worked on yet?
I guess I’d love to work on some of the Marvel and DC books someday. Doctor Strange is a favorite, as is Justice Inc,. and of course, Batman and Daredevil. Anything Star Trek would be awesome too.

Do you still have a day job? If so how do you manage to get all your work done between that, comics and your personal life?
I have my own graphic design business, but hustling for clients AND hustling for comic book publishers is just too much, so I may need to find a regular nine-to-five. Self-publishing is not cheap and the Kickstarter money has run out. For now, having my own business lets me arrange my time around my family, but if I get a full-time job, that’ll probably change.


If someone wants to meet you at a con, are there any that you attend regularly?
I’m usually at most of the Tri-State area cons (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut) and I’ll hit Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts too. I also organize workshops, and panel discussions in and around New York City.

Before we go is there any thing you would like to add that I have not touched on?
Just that I think Comic Books is great entertainment, and we as an industry need to find better ways to reach more readers. We need to harness technology, and the internet better. We need to better show the diversity in stories and genres available. That’s what keeps me up at night.

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