Indie Comic Spotlight: BATTLE FOR OZELLBERG

On this indie comic spotlight we got to speak to a really cool dude, Steve Myers. He is the penciller of Battle for Ozellberg, which takes a different approach to a classic fairy tale.

Can you tell us what your BATTLE FOR OZELLBERG is about? BATTLE FOR OZELLBERG is a take on the little red riding hood lore, only it11118432_10206923034818379_521553942_n focuses more on the conflict of man and it’s coexistence with nature, the path of a girl to a warrior, and her fulfilling a legacy in time to see if she can save her people from what’s about to come.

Is there any character in the series that stands out as your favorite? That’s so hard to say, they’re all so different and dynamic, there’s no wasted motion, so to speak, everyone has a moment and a part at different times. But I did gravitate a lot to Erwin later on actually.

What was your inspiration for BATTLE FOR OZELLBERG? The book was written by Deon Brown. He approached me with a script to pencil and I just went into ‘manga’ mode. It felt like something that would translate well into that fantasy genre and also had a bit of a light hearted feel. So I dug back to some Disney roots as well for character designs.

How did you guys meet up? Had he known you before? Was there a mutual friend, did you meet at a con? Deon actually found me on Facebook, saw my art, wanted me on his book and the rest as they say, is history.

Do you intend BATTLE FOR OZELLBERG to be an ongoing, mini series, maxi series, one shot? Right now it’s a 3 part mini series, and the third and final book is just being finished up, but it’s been so well received that there’s talk about expanding the story in the future.

From the time that you received the script, how long did it take you to finish the script? It was roughly a year and a half-2 year project.

So now that you are finishing up the work how do you decompress? I don’t. Haha. I just got back from an awesome weekend at Memphis Comic Expo, and I’m right onto another project designing characters as we speak!

Who else is working on this with you? Deon Brown, is the writer and creator, Licca Kirk is the colorist, Jeff Morrow, the inker and 11271938_10206923032458320_1655167146_nChris Chandler did the lettering.

Did you pitch this to other studios? Deon did some talking I believe, but so far has kept it under his own control.

In a perfect world where do you see this comic book 3 years from now?  Wow…well, I see a sequel hopefully. I told Deon as he was writing, it would translate into an awesome video game, something like a Dynasty Warrior. I could really see the universe expanding on a massive level, and I’d like to get into more character designs with the animals he’s created. We jammed a lot of story into 3 issues but, it’s only a fraction of the world that happens before and after Battle for Ozellberg takes place.

What are you doing to make BATTLE FOR OZELLBERG stand out from the crowd? We’ve been told it doesn’t look anything like an indy book when people pick it up. I suppose that’s one of the larger compliments. I think just from the cover, Licca’s water colors make it pop. The banner easily stands out at any convention because it looks so different in her style. People recognize the motif of riding hood, and I think that works for us to create a sense of familiarity. Once they get done with the first issue, once the see Alwin (the Wolf) for the first time and notice he’s not designed like a normal wolf, they want to dig in more.

Where can people pick this up? is the main site you can order off to. Deon also has it in a few shops in the Atlanta area I 11329609_10206923032858330_1247181596_nbelieve, if they haven’t sold out yet. We’re also on and Deon is going to be hard at work, or I should say, HAS been hard at work all spring, hitting the convention scene hard and has books on hand. We’ll be at Memphis Comic Expo, and then he’ll be at AWA shortly, so people can follow if they want to keep tabs on the future of cons he’ll be selling at.

After some one has put down BATTLE FOR OZELLBERG, is there any one thing, or experience that you hope the reader will come away with. I really hope they want a sequel, or prequel first of all. I want people to want more. But even if they just search us out as independent artists and writers because of our work on this project, that’d be amazing as well. That’s from a business standpoint I guess…but from other avenues, you want people to be inspired and to think about things, like, in this book for instance, what makes someone a bad guy and are they really bad or do you believe everything you’re told? Carry that further into life, ya know. Everyone has a story, what are you not hearing?

What social media sites can people find you/BATTLE FOR OZELLBERG? On instagram is BattleforOzellberg and Facebook we’re at I’m personally on Instagram @skoobart , Twitter @skoobasart, Facebook at and Deviant Art at

Before we go is there anything we haven’t touched on that you’d like people to know? Keep creating if you’re struggling…I know that’s maybe a bit off the path of our conversation, but I know I was near the end of my rope figuring out if the art thing would ever work for me when Deon approached me…now I’m just getting back from my first comic con and having job offers in my inbox. Keep going. Never stop trying.


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