Atena Farghadani gets 12-year-plus prison sentence for political cartoon.

Atena Farghadani a 28 year old Iranian artist, was sentenced to more than 12 years in prison for drawing the members of parliament as animals. According to Amnesty International, Revolutionary Guards raided Farghadani’s home Last August, blindfolded her, confiscated her personal belongings and imprisoned her.
Atena was released for a short period of time in November, according to the Human Rights Activist News Agency. Unfortunately six weeks later she was returned to prison after she was accused of publicly discussing the torture and beatings she allegedly endured by prison guards. Farghadani would go on to be hospitalized in February after she spent three weeks on hunger strike and suffered a heart attack.
In the time Atena was released from prison she posted the following to her Facebook page:

“What you call an “insult to representatives of the parliament by means of cartoons” I consider to be an artistic expression of the home of our nation (parliament), which our nation does not deserve! I, therefore, must pay retribution for defending my beloved defenseless people.”

Amnesty International reported that while she was being detained, Atena was held in solitary confinement and denied access to lawyers and her family.

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More on Atena from Amnesty International can be found here.

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