Kickstarter Spotlight: Salvagers #4

Today’s Kickstarter spotlight is on Bob Salley’s Salvagers#4. Bob is a University of Pittsburgh graduate, who by his own admission does not follow the rules of writing, but that has not stopped him from having a very high standard when it comes to the Salvagers series. with close to 100 backers as of this posting it seems there are quite a few who agree with him. Here are a few things he had to say about Salvagers #4.

Can you briefly tell us what Salvagers is about and how long have you been working on it? 

Salvagers is the blue collar side of Sci-Fi… When the battle is over, the action begins. This crew of space salvagers are cleaning up a hostile galaxy, oneSalcover wreck at a time. Meanwhile, competing with pickers, pirates and militias all out looking for their piece.

I starting conceptualizing the series in 2004… George Acevedo (artist) and finalized the character designs in 2008 and then we finally went to print with Issue 1 in 2013.

What led you to bring Salvagers to kickstarter

Word of mouth. After reading up on Kickstarter, it seemed not only a crowdfunding platform, but a Social Media one, as well. Not to mention an effective way to grow your fanbase.

Is this your first time crowdfunding a comicbook?

This is my 4th Kickstarter for the Salvagers Universe.

How many of your previous backers from previous campaigns do you see returning? 

Quite a few… I try to keep a “Loyalty” Program… returning Backers will typically get a little bonus reward.

What Role do you play in putting salvagers Together? 

Besides creating the series, I’m the writer, as well. It’s a lot of work producing your own comic book. You need to be motivated and know how to motivate others. It’s a full-time job.

Can you tell us a little bit ablout the others involved?

George Acevedo is the Penciler/Inker and all around my Knight in shining armour. The amount of work Not too many people understand the amount of time George puts in to making the script come to life and I’m forever greatful for his efforts. DeSika is our Colorist in France… She too is always at the ready to get the pages popping. HdE is not only my Letterer, but a constant source of entertainment. He lives in England and barely sleeps. But, there are so many people who are involved… currently we have 78 people involved in the production of Issue 4 (every Kickstarter backer is a Producer of the Issue). 

sal4Do you think Kickstarter is helping the independent creator, hurting them, or not doing anything at all? 

Definitely helping! It cost a great deal to produce a comic book and most creators have full-time jobs that pay enough to just get them by. Without crowdfunding, a lot of these indie projects wouldn’t come to life. 

If you had a choice would you rather keep on using Kickstarter or would you rather be in Previews catalog? 

That’s a tough question. I think both reach different audiences. Obviously, I would love to be in the Previews, but there’s a large fanbase on Kickstarter that use it almost as an Amazon Store.

Of all the rewards you have up, which is your favorite? 

The Ty’r POP!… I love the collectable toys and statues.sal3

What have you done so far to make Salvagers stand out from other crowdfunding projects? 

I like to think of my Kickstarters as a “Pre-Sale”. I want to give Backers the most bang for the buck, at the same time giving them a story that is fresh and new and will keep them coming back for more.

Do you have plans to do another kickstarter for Salvagers in the future, or is there another project in the works? 

As long as Fans are interested in getting Exclusive Rewards and they keep coming back, we’ll keep doing them. They’re fun and I always meet new people with each campaign. We started a side story Titled Salvagers: The Deliverance. Our plan is to make the print version exclusive to Kickstarter backers, while offering it Free on Comixology.

Will you be hitting any conventions with Salvagers? 

Oh yeah… This year we’ll be at Northeast Comic Con in Wilmington, MA… Boston Comic Con & NYCC 2015. We’ll be looking into a few others as well.

sal2Before we go is there anything you’d like to add? 

Our Issue 4 Kickstarter is under way… it will close out the Intro story arc and bring forth our first Trade Paperback. We’re already adding on some stretch Goals and appreciate any and all support.

Where can people reach you?

Facebook…’m always on there and I usually can get back to people in right away.


jayJayDee Rosario is a writer with Unstoppable Comics, and has run multiple successful comic book campaigns on Kickstarter. You can reach him on twitter @jaydeerosario

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