Kickstarter Spotlight: Time Stop

Todays Kickstarter Spotlight is on Time Stop which until Wednesday April 8th. They are seeking a goal of $1,500, and as of this post have a total of 8 different pledge rewards.

timestop4Can you briefly tell us what Time Stop is about and how long have you been working on it?
Time Stop tells the story of Ben Thomas.  He’s a mid 20 year old guy trying to make it on his own in New York City.  And things aren’t going so well.  His job is in jeopardy, he’s about to lose his apartment and he has no one to turn to for help.
One evening, someone leaves a box at his doorstep.  Its contents, a mysterious looking watch. When Ben tries it on and presses the button on the watches side, Time Stops.  Ben shortly after learns who left him the watch, someone who holds the key to Ben’s past…and his future.
I’ve always been intrigued with the idea of time manipulation.  It’s an amazing idea that anyone can relate to…what would you do if you could stop time?  I wrote the fist version of the story about six months ago.

What led you to bringing Time Stop to kickstarter ?
Once the artwork for the comic got underway, I begin to build a checklist of ways to market it.  There’s the traditional way of hawking your work at conventions and comic book shops.  Then there’s the digital route, having your work available for download of sites like Comixology and IndyPlanet.  In my search, I came across Kickstarter which I soon learned serves a double purpose.  Comic book fans like myself are always on the lookout for new and exciting stories and Kickstarter is home to many amazing, non-mainstream comics.  Plus, once I started the paying for the artwork and coloring, I realized how expensive it is to create a comic.  Kickstarter gave me an avenue to raise funds.

What role do you play in putting Time Stop together. and can you tell us about some of the other people involved in the project?

I am the writer and creator of Time Stop.  There are two very talented artists penciling and inking issue #1.  Rafael Chrestani is the timestop 6main artist and Jordi Estevez added a five page dream sequence.  Colors are by Fahriza Kamaputra and my friend John Rudwall is lettering. 

Of all the pledge rewards which one is your favorite?
I’m a huge original artwork fan and the original artwork by Time Stop’s two artists is amazing.  There is one level that includes a choice of 5 original pages by Jordi Estevez and another that includes the original artwork for the cover of Time Stop by Rafael Chrestani.  I do hope backers choose these levels but I must say, I’ll be very sad to see those original pieces go.
#4 If some one finds out about your project after the funding period has ended will they still be able to purchase it else where? If so where can they find it.
It all depends if a project is funded or not.  My campaign is doing amazing so, fingers crossed, it meet its goal and I will have the funding to complete the project.  As mentioned, I plan to offer the story digitally but there will be a print run for those who prefer hard copies.  These will be available on

Do you think Kickstarter is helping the independent creator, hurting them, or not doing anything at all?                                            

In my opinion, Kickstarter greatly helps the independent creator in two main ways.  First, it gives creators a way to fund projects by raising money.  Without Kickstarter, I’m it sure how I would fund the completion of Kickstarter.  Secondly, it gives creators, like myself who are basically unknown, a presence to market work, Introduce myself, etc.
#6 If you had the choice would you rather have your book picked up by a major publisher of won d you rather keep putting books up on kickstarter?
Besides the marketing methods I mentioned, nothing beats having your comic placed in comic books shops all across the world.  That’s the main benefit to being picked up by a major publisher.  For that reason, I’d have to choose that option.  Plus how cool would I be to tell people I write for say, Image or Vertigo? Very cool.

timestop 2What have you done so far to make your current kickstarter stand out from other projects?
I recently added a 6 minute video of Time Stop’s main artist Rafael Chrestani, digitally drawing a page from the comic,  I’m sure other Kickstarters have used this idea but I haven’t found one yet.
#8 How much have backers on previous projects helped you currently, what are you doing/ what have you done to bring them back?
This is my first Kickstarter.  I am planning my next Kickstarter so I’m sure I will start by asking current backers to visit the new project.

Will your next kickstarter be a continuation of Time Stop or something else?

My team and I are in the process of building another Kickstarter campaign for my second comic series.  My plan is to launch once my current Kickstarter completes.   It’s a story totally different than Time Stop.  More details are coming. 

Will you be hitting any conventions with Time Stop? Are any coming up soon?Timestop 3

I’ve been researching conventions, but nothing  definite yet.

Before we go is there anything you’d like to add?
Just that I appreciate how awesome the independent comic book community is.  I’ve met some very cool people and made some new friends since I’ve started Time Stop.  Taking on the endeavor is something I’ve always dreamed of and here I am, right in the middle of it.  So if you are an aspiring writer that has been thinking about creating your first comic, stop waiting and make the decision to do it.

So if there is anyone out there trying to reach you how can they do that?
I’m on Twitter
Im on facebook
Time Stop Facebook Page

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