Advanced Look: Ximphonic Versus

To say Ximphonic Versus is a fantasy opera of grand proportions is an understatement. Series creator Xing Xin (pen name) has been pouring his all into this project for a number of years. You can spend hours talking to him about it and still only touch the tip of the iceberg in regards to all the world building and back story he’s developed for Ximphonic Versus. Here is just a quick look at some of what he has put into his project.

Can you tell us what Ximphonic versus is about?

 Ximphonic Versus is a opera, it’s a huge Fantasy epic. It’s really about Addonnis Neos Latrunculus, a crowned prince who must choose between not right and wrong, but literally two evils. As he and the others are in these seemingly impossible situations. A great deal of Human emotions are set in this stunning fantasy world, and how they deal with those feelings and the consequences of their actions. There are very human things going on here that we all understand.

How long have you been working on Ximphonic Versus?

About 20 years of work went into creating this world.

What roles do you play in Ximphonic Versus?

I am the series creator, artists, writer, did all of the character designs, flats, colors, and a few other tasks. I have a amazing team who works with me, these guy’s and gals are the best. I feel that because it’s such a personal story, I want to be part of it coming to life. I need the book, just as the story needed me lol.

Can you tell us about some of the other people that worked with you on this and what they do?xv2

I have a truly talented team that works with me. And as time went on I knew i would need a team because the work load is to much for one person. The project is so ambitious its going to take more than just me make it happen.

The book’s Coloring is a two person job:
Endro Yuwono: Expert in Photoshop/3D
(Whose works include Art Director for the Online MMORPG Steam Ops/ 25+ years of professional Experience in Games and Animation.

Kevin Combs: A graduate from Chicago’s top art institute, expert in Photoshop/3D/storyboarding/ and numerous CD/and Logo design for the music industry.

Endro And Kevin do the high end digital color work, based on my flats and color direction. And the method we use to get the final look you see in the book had to be created from scratch.

Dennis Mundt: He is a expert of 3D works/Design/HTML 5 Flash Animation. Dennis is the Art Director for the largest chain of Nightclubs spanning from Germany to France. Dennis and myself craft all of the logos for the studio and the book. Dennis is also going to build the website for the company.

Nicko Zuriaga: He is our expert Matte Painter and 3D background developer. I designed all the Kingdoms and cities and he then he creates the rendered version for the book.

And my letterer works @ DC Comics that’s all i can say on that right now for contractual reasons (lol)

The studio’s music composer is a truly talented man.
Michael Roberts: whose works include arrangements for Castlevania Lords Of Shadow Mirror Of Fate for Nintendo 3DS. And two award winning films. When the first issue comes out and the soundtrack i think readers will be amazed at how well its composed and fits the world.

We are pretty much building a video game without the animation.

xv3There is a lot of use of the Latin language in versus, can you tell us why?

I have studied languages for as long as I can remember. And I personally feel it helps to bring deeper meaning to the world and it’s characters. Latin is beautiful, like all languages. And everything in the book has meaning, it’s not just a name or word for the sake of using it. And other languages are used as well.

Do you think you will alienate potential readers because of so much Latin?

I will include a translation compendium so readers can learn what everything means.

Will the companion guide be sold separately, be included in the book or be available on the website?

That is something I’m still  trying to decide as to how it will be presented to readers. It will most definitely be available to them.

This is obviously a passion project, what did you (read/see/watch/play) that influenced you to follow this style?

I’ve always enjoyed Fantasy, and adventure. People like Tolkien, Homer and Shakespeare are huge influence for me among others. And I learned and still learn (lol) how to make comics from Korea and China. The art masters from those parts of the world are where I gained my training.


When I look at the pages I see a little bit of final fantasy, is it wrong to draw associations to that?

No I think its a truly amazing compliment for someone to say that the quality of your work “reminds me of Final Fantasy”. For many years I have studied the work of Tetsuya Nomura, the man is a genius. And my goal is to bring readers a series of books that are all original and masterfully told in both word and visual. So many comics are made the same way, and I want readers to get something engaging and emotional and its a difficult task to achieve. We are making stride and hitting our productions goals. I want my studio be the Square EniX of comics (LOL)

Where can people buy Ximphonic Versus?

The prelude will go on sale 3-17-2015. And we are setting up the site to take pre orders on March 2nd.

So before it comes out where can people go now to find out more about it?

A: We have our official FB page, a portfolio website and the main studio site is under construction.


Before we go is there anything  you want to say that we have not touched on?

I think you covered all the basses and i certainly appreciate it. I hope readers will give us a opportunity to show them something they have not seen before. And the official prelude comes out 3-17-2015.

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