Creator Spotlight: Juan Navarro

I met Juan Navarro back at C2E2 in 2014. We were booth neighbors right at the entrance of the con floor and became fast friends over the weekend. He is someone I can talk shop to, as well as talk $#!%, so who better to put in our latest creator spotlight than one of the coolest guys in comics that I know.

Ok so I am going to start things off with a basic question here, what inspired you to enter the world of comics?

Zombie-Years-2It’s the classic story, I was drawing since I was a kid. That, and alongside the Scholastic Book Fairs that introduced me to Heathcliff comics, My best friend getting a Classic X-men that introduced me to Wolverine, and my mom reading the newspaper that introduced me to Calvin and Hobbes, fueled me to make stories and draw things. After that I consumed everything that could come in hand!

There are people who have not heard about Creature Entertainment, What exactly do you do there? Are you a writer, inker, penciller, publisher, letterer?                                                                                                                                              Well as Publisher/Creator, I wear all those hats and more for my company and for our stories. It’s hard but luckily as a group, Creature Entertainment is good about passing the baton and seeing it to the end. I mostly write and pencil, with various people in the studio and network of artists coming in. Most of my own work I do form beginning to end, like in Zombie Years it’s all me, In Tommy I share writing chores with my fellow creator John Ulloa, while with Rez I’m solely the writer and letterer working with Johndell Snead and Cole Brustad to finish the books.  I come in here and there to help either in the design layout process, or in lettering. I also over see all the work trying to make sure everything gets done.

What is on the table right now, can you talk about that or anything else coming around the corner?
Well I have some freelance I’m doing for Upper Deck to finish, while working on Tommy issue 3 to be done for Orlando Megacon, zyand then moving into Zombie Years issue 10 for my comeback to the series. Those are my 3 main concerns, of course I have like a hundred other things that come in and out while running the company, from talking to artists and writers, looking at our business end, running the online store and just generally running a business

How long have you been working on all of this?
TOMMY has been a long 3 years. What with a 40 hour a week job, there was weeks where sonly panel was done here and there, so it’s been a long struggle but we’re finishing it for April that’s for sure! ZOMBIE YEARS is a constant so many stories left to tell, that I could see it going for a long while. We have spin offs planned and from there other projects as the stories go. It’s keep me on my toes though and I’m excited about the prospects.

Will that be all for now, or is Creature Entertainment still growing?
We have a couple of others, stories we’ve been bouncing around which could lead CREATURE into new realms of fiction like Sci-fi, Fantasy, and even superheroes, while still growing our roots of Horror and Crime while we’re at it. It’s hush hush as some of these projects will licensed books of various properties and even wink wink Role Playing Games.

Where should our readers go if they are interested in finding out more about Creature Entertainment, or better yet buying some of your work?                                                                                                                                                            has all our work, both books and film and where we will be including links to our FACEBOOK and TWITTER, while you cn find me and my podcast on

What is out there that you would like to work on that you have not worked on yet?
2014-11-19-zombie-years-wreck-pg-12FUGLY is a story about the most hardcore Debt collector in the world and is a super magical realism story I’ve wanted to do, part Action movie part Vonnegut novel. It’s a big one shot, about 48 pages. I have notes and parts of scripts but I feel more will come out once I start drawing. Damn I wish I had the time right now.

If someone wants to meet you at a con, are there any that you attend regularly?
Right now our schedule consists of Orlando Megacon, C2E2, NYCC, Baltimore Comic Con and Florida Supercon to name a few. Its always changing but we always hit this as much as we can! Come buy me a beer!

Any words of wisdom you can share with people looking to get into comics?
Hmmmm…. comics is hard, but damn is it rewarding. GO DO IT.


jayJayDee Rosario is a writer with Unstoppable Comics, and has run multiple successful comic book campaigns on Kickstarter.

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