Creator Spotlight: Joe Robinson Currie

Today’s creator spotlight is on Joe Robinson Currie. I am not going to sit here and lie to you and say I have been friends with him for so many years, or that I met him at a con somewhere. I found Joe while I was researching people to interview for Indie Comic source, but after hearing what he had to say I felt like I’ve known him. Joe has taken the road many independent creators have taken, so I won’t feel surprised if after you read this you feel like you’ve known him too.

So Joe what drove you to enter the world of comic books as a creator?

I think it was growing up in the era I grew up in the 70’s. Ya know Saturday morning cartoons a big bowl a cereal and I’m good to go. So it was that love and passion for cartoons and especially superheroes that gave me the desire to create my own.

There are people who are obviously meeting you for the first time as they read this, can you streetTeam0_tell them exactly what it is that you do?  

I am a Writer and Publisher

What are you currently working on?

Currently finishing up the StreetTeam miniseries. I’m also repackaging the Prodigy miniseries into a graphic novel.

How long have you been working Prodigy and the StreetTeam miniseries?

As far as the StreetTeam miniseries, we published issue #0 and produced the game in 2011. We began working on the miniseries in 2013 so all together I’ll say 4 years. As far as Prodigy the miniseries was published in 2000 so we’re now just giving the whole miniseries an over haul and stacking it up into a graphic novel.

Is there anything else other than Prodigy and the StreetTeam miniseries  that you have worked on?

The Huntsmen Miniseries. The PUNXofRAGE Miniseries as well as the Something Miniseries. Lol just call me the Miniseries man lol

So if people reading this want to take a look at your work, where can they find it?

They can find it right here at Punx of Rage.

dodgerWhat would you like to work on that you have not worked on yet?

I have a few more stories I would like to tell. One of those stories being the Dodger origin. Dodger is at the heart of the PUNXofRAGE so I thought it would be dope to tell his story

This is something we ask of every independent creator do you still have a day job? If so how do you manage to get all your work done between that, comics and your personal life?

I Do. It’s tough sometimes. As a creator you spend a lot of time working on your craft so there are a lot of late nights or even sleepless nights. So yeah it can take a toll on your personal life.

If someone wants to meet you at a con, and pick up some of your books are there any that you attend regularly?

I don’t miss Wizard World Chicago. So I’m always in artist Alley there that show is usually in August in Chicago of course. The rest I tend to work it out around my schedule.

Is there anything you want to add before we go?streetteam

I appreciate you taking the time for giving me an interview andI just want to give a shout out to my StreetTeam brothers as we continue to build. Peace to every single person who has supported us Thank You. This is our Facebook page like us if you get the chance.

This article was written by Danny Rose. Danny is a freelance correspondent with Indie Comic Source and an avid comic book reader. His goals in life are to read as many comic books as possible and finding the holy grail.

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