Creator Spotlight: Chuck Amadori

We first met Chuck on while he was promoting his books on Facebook. After speaking to him for a bit he seemed like a cool guy who is out there doing a lot of work. So we shined the Creator Spotlight on him, and here is what he had to say.

So what drove you to enter the world of comic books as a creator?  I actually started as a screenwriter/filmmaker about ten years ago. I studied film production at the University, and even made a couple short films. At one point making films was a dream of mine. After graduation, my focus shifted to the day job for several years. During that time, I started a family and established my life. About two years ago, I got that creative itch once again. I considered resuming work on one of my previous video series. But, I’d been out of the filmmaking scene too long. All my connections and film friends had moved on. A friend of mine suggested I write the video series as a comic book instead. I didn’t need a second to think about it. I knew it was a great idea. After all, I prefer reading a good comic over a movie any day. That video series become the comic book “Pale Dark,” which is on comixology now.

10402944_10152566838512307_8895401071375960204_nHow long have you been working on Pale Dark? – I started writing Pale Dark in Feb of 2013, the art work on it is done up to issue #4 and I have it fully scripted up to issue #26.

As in independent publisher, what roles do you play in the comic books you put out?  I’m the writer, letterer, editor and self publisher.

Besides Pale Dark what else are you currently publishing ? – Production-wise, the art is currently at: , Tether is on issue 4, Empress is on issue 4, Bang Bang Lucita is on issue 3, Snake is on issue 2. We’re at various levels of coloring and lettering on these issues. Now, if you were referring to only the script end of the projects:  Tether is scripted up to issue 18, Empress up to 16, Snake up to 5, Bang Bang Lucita up to issue 5, Viperous Vixens (snake/lucita team up) up to issue 3, Xibalba (miniseries taking place in snake/lucita universe) up to issue 4, Protector Vixi (all ages cartoony book) up to issue 5.

What else have you worked on?  I also edit the webcomic Divinity I have lettered several comics for other creators. I’ll also be writing for Short Fuse Media.

Where can people find of your comic books? Best place for my Creator-owned work. Digital: Print:

What would you like to work on that you have not worked on yet?  As long as I can keep working on my creator owned stuff, I wouldn’t mind trying my hand writing a series for DC or Marvel (basically the same as every other Indie comic writer).

Do you still have a day job? If so how do you manage to get all your work done between that, comics and your personal life?  Yes I still have a day job. It is very difficult (at times), to mange everything, but so far, I’ve been making it work.10410565_10152541946892307_6746028297172518050_n

If someone wants to meet you at a con, are there any that you attend regularly?  I’ve tested the waters by getting a table at the dinky Buffalo Comicon the last two years. This year I’ll be applying for artist alley space at the NYCC. I can be found at table 501 in June at the Niagara Falls Comic-Con in Canada (ten minutes from where I live in NY)

 Before we go is there any thing you would like to add?  For those interested in checking out my titles here is my official website I’m also on social medias, IsleSquaredComics at Facebook, DeviantArt, Tmblr. @zarran67 on Twitter.


This article was written by Danny Rose. Danny is a freelance correspondent with Indiecomic source and an avid comic book reader, and makes the best empanadas!!!

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