About Us

Welcome to Indie Comic Source.
The reason for this website’s existence is simple, we want to give independent comic book creators a voice by spotlighting them and their work. That’s it, no big secret here.
The big companies get all the press, and have media kicking down their door to find out what’s next. That’s great because we want to know what’s next with them too, but that doesn’t leave much room for the little guy. This is where we come in, at Indie Comic Source our goal is to make the little guy feel relevant.
We want the indie creator to know that their work is appreciated, not just because they gave us something amazing to read, but as independent comic book creators ourselves we know what it takes to put a comic book together. These efforts alone should be applauded, because there is no corporate backer, no multimedia tie in, just someone who wants to tell a story, and will scrape together everything they got to tell it anyway they can.
We know we are not the only website out here supporting the independent comic book creator, but indie creators need every bit of support they can get, plain and simple.