Kickstarter Spotlight: Post Mortem

Can you briefly tell us what Post Mortem is about?
The first of a planned trilogy following the journey of the protagonist. The nameless man awakens in a hospital room with no memory of who he is orpostm1 how he got there. He quickly finds that he is far from safe, the halls running thick with blood and lined with bodies. Beset on all sides by nothing but terrifying questions. If you’re in to your organ harvesting stories then this is for you.

How long have you been working on Post Mortem?
We have been working on Post Mortem for about 4 years. From conception through development and in to preview stages followed closely by the full scripts. Self funded throughout has been the biggest catalyst for time taken.

What led you to bring Post Mortem to kickstarter?
Well we collectively believe that kick-starter is a solid foundation for imagination, funded by the community and driven by people who want to provide and offer support. The community is an integral part of why we decided on launching a Kickstarter. We had tons of great feedback that it made sense to try and speed up production.

Is this your first time crowdfunding a comicbook?
I’ve helped various projects through promotional material. Designing graphics for their campaigns but have only really delved in to crowd sourcing with a charity book called Haiyan Benefit anthology where I was part of a team of creatives who conceived the idea.

postm2How many of your previous backers from previous campaigns do you see returning?
Many supporters have already helped spread the word about the book and many plan to back it too. We have had lots of support also from other
creatives who also have kick starters. Victor Wright has been fantastic and we will be supporting his campaign for Blood Red Moon.

What Role do you play in putting Post Mortem together?
I am the project manager, producer and co writer, as I am a do as much as I can kind of guy. I had the idea for Post Mortem 5 years ago where I started to plot out the story and with the team we developed it to what you see now. When I have ideas I like to bounce them off of other creatives inorder to improve or sometimes change in direction,

Can you tell us a little bit about the others involved in Post Mortem?
What can I say about the awesome talent I have had the honor of working with. They are fantastic. William Wismer the Canadian based creative is the co writer and has a great story telling mind that I find easy to work with. Jaime Martinez and Santiago Ramos are like a tag team of talent,
Santiago adding some of the best colour work I have ever seen to some of the best pencil work I have had the pleasure of seeing by Jaime.
Then we have our Mindy Lopkin whom I have known for a few years. More like family than a colleague she has worked on many projects with her
lettering talents with the likes of Markosia and projects like Toxic Storm, Terminus at Fenton’s Green and many others. We also had a few people postm3supporting us whom I would like to mention. Harlie West composer of the trailer music, Jay Martin for printing, Bram Meehan for title design, Renzo Rodriguez for pin ups, Luke Fry, Michael Burgham and John Parkes for promotional and event work and the help given by Robin Jones.

Do you think Kickstarter is helping the independent creator, hurting them, or not doing anything at all?
It is most definitely helping indie creators but over saturation will always be a problem in any medium. Its giving us an outlet to build awareness and support that is invaluable to the indie scene. Many of the projects most likely would have never been born or would have taken longer without it.

If you had a choice would you rather keep on using Kickstarter or would you rather be in Previews catalog?
I think its a bit of both. Kick starters are very much community coming together to support and fund a project they believe in. A fan base is the foundation of a successful project and future endeavors. Previews are the post promotional needs. Getting yourself seen by outlets and publishers alike.

Do you have plans to do another kickstarter for Post Mortem in the future, or is there another project in the works?
Currently we have book 2 and 3 of Post mortem titled Blood & Bone and Flesh & Bone which we plan to follow Book 1 through Kickstarter. Other books we are planning to complete are Nyctophilia which is an urban horror anthology and Shepherds, which is a post apocalyptic horror that I have co written with William Wismer the same guy from Post Mortem.

postm4Of all the rewards you have up, which is your favorite?
My favorite reward is the Victim reward. Getting yourself drawn as a body in the book is definitely a way to be immortalized. The detail from Jaime Martinez is an incentive to get one done as he is so detailed that he can mimic you pretty easily.

What have you done so far to make Post Mortem stand out from other crowdfunding projects?
Well we wanted it to stand out but also not too much as to reinvent the wheel. Projects that are successful have very similar traits that they share. In terms of Standing out I feel that the ability to read a completed book albeit a preview with the same level of quality as a main book is a definite bonus. 16 pages of story that we made to showcase what to expect.

Once the kickstarter is over, and you’ve shipped out all of your rewards, what is your next step? Do you wind down, work on something else, feel satisfied and leave comic books alone?
Spend some quality time with my wife and kids but not for too long as we will be working simultaneously on Book 2 and Nyctophilia as well as
launching a social education, recruitment and showcase website called Comixster. Its gonna be a busy year with all the planned events and development but its what I love to do.postm6

Will you be hitting any conventions with Post Mortem?
We already hit many leading up to the kick starter launch which included London Super Comic Con. Birmingham Comic Festival and Horrorcon in Rotherham. At LSCC in March the Post Mortem cosplay team made an appearance. With Mike, Luke and myself really bringing the twisted surgeons to life in their bloodied surgical scrubs, it was a perfect way to introduce the characters.

As a further treat a couple of boxes of Post Mortem: The Harvesting were available via the Red Shift table. The comic was very popular. Upcoming events will see us at ICE in Birmingham and in new year you will find us at majority UK com icons.

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