Indie Comic Spotlight: Starburn

On today’s Indie comic spotlight we speak with Kelly Bender, who won writer of the year in 2015 for his work on Starburn.
Can you tell us what Starburn is about?
The comic book is about the fastest mist kick butt ship in the galaxy, and its present motley crew of space scoundrels.Starburn - 00_00

From the cover image it looks like you have a pretty big cast, can you tell us about some of the characters in Starburn?
The characters are a mishmash of creatures from all over the universe. There is only one human on the ship and he was born in a space colony.

Is there any character in the series that stands out as your favorite?
The one thing about the book is that the SHIP is really what the books about. We could replace the entire crew as the story is about the ship.

What was your inspiration for Starburn ?
I was talking to a publisher about another book of mine, but they wanted a Sci-Fi book. He asked if I had a story and I write it.

What is your primary role on Starburn?
I’m the creator & writer. But my job doesn’t stop there. I also project manage the book, art direct and make sure that the pages are getting done by staying in contact with the entire team.

Can you tell us a bit about the other people working on Starburn?
Brian Balondo is the artist, Cristian Docolomansky is the inker, Laura Lee is the Colorist, Nic J Shaw is the Letterer for issues one and two. Micah Myers is the Letterer for issues three and four.

starburn2How did you guys meet up? Did you know each other before? Were there a mutual friends, did you meet at a con?
Met Brian, Cristian, Nic and Micah through varying comic book chat groups. Brian and Cristian were part of another pitch I did, but that book didn’t get picked up.

Do you intend for Starburn to be an ongoing, mini series, maxi series, one shot?
The book was always a planned four issue miniseries.

How long did it take to complete the book, from the first time you put pen to paper?
I wrote the script almost 2 years ago now, and the fourth issue is going to be completed by the end of August.

Did you pitch this to other studios, or was this something you wanted to handle from the start?
I initially pitched it to another publisher and they accepted it, but their release schedule and how/where the book was going to be released kept on changing. So I had to make the hard decision of switching publishers. I pitched it to Markosia and they took it.

What clever ways have you come up with to market Starburn?
Social Media and Comic Cons are the main promotional tools we’ve been using. Been doing a lot of podcasts and interviews as well.

Where do you see Starburn 3 years from now?
I’m hoping that the quality of the book still stands up.

What is the next step? Are you done with this story and moving on to something else, or is there a follow up ?PAGE 00 - Cover
I have other books I’m currently pitching, so that’s my focus. But I do still have more STARBURN stories.

Where can people pick Starburn up?
The first three issues are available now on COMIXOLOGY

After some one has put down Starburn, is there any one thing, or experience that you hope the reader will come away with.
I just want them to have a great experience and enjoyed the story.

Where can people find you, or find out more about the book?
Twitter: @KellyBender17

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