Indie Comic Spotlight: Max Hunter

We got a chance to find out about Max Hunter after it reached it’s funding goal on Kickstarter. Here are some of the things we learned about the comic book Max Hunter.
Can you tell us what Max Hunter is about?
Max Hunter is set in Gateway city 2077, Max is a cybernetic bounty hunter chasing down his latest bounty when an assassin Vincent Snow is going after the same target. Max wants to bring him in alive but Snow has other plans. When the two meet, they form a rivalry that leads to death and destruction. This is a 3 part series that concludes in issue three but leaves it open for future issues in the Max Hunter series to come out.

Is there any character in the Max Hunter series that stands out as your favorite?
I guess my favorite would have to be Max Hunter himself. He was a normal boy growing up with a love for comic books, which is easy to relate with. max4He attempted to have a normal life even after his tragic upbringing, until an accident leads to his special cybernetic abilities. He decides to use these new abilities for good. Plus, he’s pretty bad ass!

What was your inspiration forMax Hunter?
The comic book idea actually came from a character I created for a role playing game called Shadow Run. Shadow Run is a role playing game set in the future so since this character is a futuristic like character we decided to make our home base a city in the future. Gateway City will be our home base for most of our comic book stories.

What is your primary role on Max Hunter?
I am the Writer for Max Hunter.

Can you tell us a bit about the other people working on Max Hunter?
We have an amazing team of people. We have our company called Dark Side Global which consists of myself Alex Lobato as president, Mo Dominguez as VP and our master photo shop expert, Juan Chao as Secretary and lead marketing expert, Kevin Roche as Treasurer, and Hector Felipe as concept artist. John Roche and Raul Ruz are our editors for the comic book. For the Max Hunter comic we have also had an amazing line up of artists, P.R. Dedelis is our lead artist and main artist for the book. He is the letterer, penciler, inker, and colorist for Max Hunter. He is simply awesome at what he does! We have other artist that have helped with our covers like the amazing Sajad Shah who did the cover for Max Hunter issue 2 along with Alonzo Espinosa who did the Colors for that cover and our Max Hunter Logo! We have the ever awesome John Royle (IDW danger girl and G.I. Joe) do the pencils for the cover for the trade paperback, Jake Isenberg who did the inks for that cover, and Jorge Cortes who did the colors. Finally, we have the incredible Eric Koda (Artist behind Think Alike Producations The Agency) do the cover for Issue #3 of Max Hunter pencils and inks and Jorge Cortes who did the colors!

max3How did you guys meet up? Did you know each other before?
The Core team of Dark Side Global have known each other for years, we have been friends for many years and decided one day, thanks to this other cool local artist Carlos Hernandez and his friends Jon Adams and Francisco Garcia, to put together a comic book company and create comics. Although people have come and gone from the team, the team continues to push forward and because of that have been able to make strides these past 2 years!
Were there a mutual friends, did you meet at a con? During Florida Supercon we met these wonderful people Ruben, Bethany, and Roger from Think Alike Productions and since then we have become friends and more. We came together with TAP (Think Alike Productions) recently to help push all our comics together in one place and to help get us all into Diamond distribution. Also part of the Think Alike team is Bob Salley from the comic series Salvagers and Kevan Mills from Sekuro.

Do you intend for Max Hunter to be an ongoing, mini series, maxi series, one shot?
I would love for it to be an ongoing series but that would all depend on the interest and sales of the comic, if we can continue to move forward with the series or move on to another story. For now it is a 3 part story.

How long did it take to complete the book, from the first time you put pen to paper?
It took us about a year to come out with our first issue. The good thing about myself working with P.R. Dedelis is that we have a good understanding and grasp of the world and characters. He really knows how to take what’s written and translate it to art exactly how I imaged it to be. So, we work fast together because of that.

Did you pitch Max Hunter to other studios, or was this something you wanted to handle from the start?
We wanted to handle this from the start. We wanted to create a company that creates stories and so Max Hunter is just one of many stories we want to tell. If we brought one story to a studio, but the studio didn’t want the other stories we have in store, then it would damage what we wanted to create in Gateway City.

What clever ways have you come up with to market this book? At first our marketing consisted of us running around conventions with max1comics at hand and signs that said buy our comic, but since then Juan Chao and the marketing team have established social media marketing, podcasts, articles and reviews, Kickstarter (major help to get us where we are), and of course we are still at conventions with signs asking people to buy our comic.

Where do you see this book 3 years from now? My hope is that this book will be in comic book stands nation wide and maybe in the hands of a studio production agency that wants to make it a movie or a TV series!

What is the next step?
Getting into Diamond Distribution, and creating our next story.

Are you done with this story and moving on to something else, or is there a follow up?
Max Hunter will be on a pause until we see if it gets into Diamond and how well it does in sales. Our next step is creating 2 new stories. One of them has Kevin Roche writer and Helmut Racho artist at the helm Redux by Proxy, about a man who investigates murders by transferring the memory of the recently deceased to his robot and then that robot has 7 days to solve their own murder before it relives the death and shuts down. The other story written by Juan Chao and drawn by Hector Felipe is called stones of Olympus and it’s about a boy who finds a stone that unleashes the power of the Gods, the boy has to stop the other stones from falling into the wrong hands.

max2Where can people pick this up?
People can pick up Max Hunter digitally at comixology (issue 2 and 3 will be released there shortly), or hopefully soon they can pick it up at their local comic book store!

After some one has put down your comic book , is there any one thing, or experience that you hope the reader will come away with? My hope is that the reader had fun reading it. That it is as enjoyable for them reading as it has been for us creating it.
Where can people find you (social media sites, list as many as possible), or find out more about the book? You can follow us on Facebook Max Hunter Series, or friend Max Hunter himself, you can also follow us on Facebook under Dark Side Global and Think Alike Productions to see all the other cool titles as well. We are on twitter, Instagram, and tumblr as Dark Side Global.

Before we go is there anything we haven’t touched on that you’d like people to know?
We will be having another Kickstarter for our new story Redux by Proxy and Maelstrom Comics Marcelo Bravo’s Bionica coming soon, so keep your eye out for those great titles! Also, Think Alike Productions just came out with an awesome book adaptation called Prey for Angels out on comixology now.

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