Kickstarter Spotlight: GIRRION

On today’s kickstarter spotlight we got to speak to Tom Lintern, about the amazing work he did on his comic book GIRRION. This sci-fi tale is about a small creature called a Gunflin, who is caught in a war of  magic and weaponry. By the look of some of these pages we can’t wait to dive into the rest of the story. Here is more from Tom as he speaks about GIRRION.

Can you briefly tell us what GIRRION is about?
GIRRION is a sweeping sci-fi fantasy story of a hero’s journey in a distant world in a distant time. The saga is told through the eyes of Jarra, a poor girrion1factory worker who dreams of escaping his world of endless toil. His wish comes true, though not in a way he would have ever wanted, when his city is attacked by a dark entity called the Halodron. He escapes the conflict, but only to be thrust into a war of other-worldy magic and weaponry. Amidst the destruction, history begins to unravel as soldiers of a forgotten war resurface and the secrets of a mysterious technology known as Girrion come to light as its scattered remains suddenly start to “reawaken”. With little time and resources, the hero must help save his crumbling empire from its destructive past.

How long have you been working on GIRRION?
I actually started working on it all the back in 2000. I wanted to do conceptual art at the time, and some of the designs ended up sparking the idea for Girrion. The first scene I ever drew was just one page back in 2003. I had never written before. (I had always seen myself as just an illustrator, not a writer.) The idea just popped in my head, so I drew it out. Soon another idea came, then another. Since then Girrion has always been in development in some way or another. A lot of that has of course been developing the story and art, but also fine-tuning my skills.

What led you to bring GIRRION to kickstarter?
I just finished my first issue a few months ago, so for the first time I have had something to put out there. Kickstarter seemed like a great way of doing that, and a great way of forming a community around something – so I figured it would be great for Issue 2.

girrion 2Is this your first time crowdfunding a comic book?
It is. I’m glad to see it has a strong chance of working out! I have to say it is really cool and really motivating to see first-hand people backing you, and showing an interest in your work.

What role do you play in putting GIRRION together?
I do it all in terms of story and art. If the right person would have come along in development that would’ve been great. I’m very particular though, so they would have had to be on the exact same page. Its kinda rare to find someone into the exact type of art, comics you are into, and who is going to be equally dedicated.

Can you tell us a little bit about the others involved inGIRRION?
I’ve had a few friends help out with social media here and there. My girlfriend will be helping with getting things organized and mailed out when its all ready. That’s about it. I do also have one artist in mind to help with art if there’s an extra budget for it. His name is Sean Cooke. He’s an awesome artist. I’ve worked with him before and I know he’d be great for this project.

Do you think Kickstarter is helping the independent creator, hurting them, or not doing anything at all?
I think its helping them, but ONLY if they know exactly what they are doing. Kickstarter can seem like a shortcut, but if you don’t have it all together girrion 3you can end up screwing yourself and screwing backers. I would say don’t try it unless you’ve created at least one issue of a comic before, that is of professional quality.

If you had a choice would you rather keep on using Kickstarter, or would you rather have GIRRION in Previews catalog?
I’ll most likely keep going with Kickstarter. I just really like the community aspect of it. Previews I’ll look into down the road through for sure.

Do you have plans to do another kickstarter for GIRRION in the future, or is there another project in the works?
We’ll see how it goes for this first campaign. Girrion is a long story, so I’m sure there’s plenty of room for more Kickstarters issues, or perhaps multiple issues.

girrion 4Of all the rewards you have up, which is your favorite?
Let’s say down the road GIRRION is a “thing”. I’d want to be the guy with some signed hard cover issues, and the signed watercolor or sketch from that very first campaign.

What have you done so far to make GIRRION stand out from other crowdfunding projects?
I think Girrion in general isn’t like the typical comic you see. There aren’t a lot of comics coming out these days that are fantasy sci-fi. I’ve always been amazed for as popular as Star Wars is – you don’t see tons of other stories in the same genre. I’m hoping to attract that crowd with something in that genre but still totally new.

Once the kickstarter is over, and you’ve shipped out all of your rewards, what is your next step? Do you wind down, work on something else, feel satisfied and leave comic books alone?
Oh no! Its on to the next issue!

Before we go will you be hitting any conventions with GIRRION once the kickstarter is over?
Not as of yet. Maybe Comic-con NYC?

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