Rochelle,The Teen Cockroach, lands at Antarctic Press.

John Crowther recently announced that his comic book  Rochelle the teen Cockroach, will now be published by Antarctic Press. For those that do not know about Antarctic Press (a long standing staple of the independent comic book community), itrochelle1 is a San Antonio-based comic book publishing company founded by Ben Dunn in 1984. Antarctic Press has published comic books such as Gold Digger, Ninja High School, Strangers in Paradise and Warrior Nun Areala.

This is seen by some as a move in the right direction for John and his creation. Rochelle initially saw print in the second half of a flip book called FemForce from AC comics. The all female superhero comic book began in 1984 and still sees print to this day.

We look forward to seeing Rochelle the teen cockroach stand on it’s on, from a company that has had a rich history of female lead comic books. Rochelle the teen Cockroach will be written by John Crowther and illustrated by Dell Barras, for more information on Rochelle The Teen Cockroach go to her website¬†, or read a previous interview where John was featured in a creator spotlight here on Indie Comic Source. (Interview with John Crowther)

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