Creator Spotlight: Michael Watson of Freestyle Komics

This creator spotlight is on Michael Watson, a talented creator with a lot on his plate. He found time in the middle of all his work to talk to us, and tell us why he keeps such a heavy workload.

What drove you to enter the world of comic books as a creator?hotshot2

My friend Tom all the way back in the 6th grade. He made me read a bunch of X-men books because I said comics were dumb. I read those books and fell in love. Specifically X-men #17 where I met and fell in love with Wolverine. His fight to stay up and battle Omega Red, ridiculous. We were the same height, and he inspired me to get a spine myself when ever I was picked on, lol.

I remember that back in the 90’s, that was the x men series that Jim Lee started?

Yes it was but Andy Kubert drew that issue.

For those that do not know you, what is your main focus as a creator, are you a writer, inker, penciler, publisher, letterer?

My main focus is split, I am a penciler and a publisher so I wear many hats.

hotshot1Have you passed off the other hats, or do you still have a hand in them in some way?

I still have a hand in some way but I have a very good team. Cary Kelly is writing Hotshot, I gave him the plot then I get out of his way. Gary Mitchell is on Inks and Veronica Smith is on colors. Gary and Veronica have been with me for a while now so we get each others styles.

What are you currently working on?

So much that I cannot believe I am working on it when I list it. For Freestyle Komics, Hotshot, Vigilance, Heroes International and few more titles.

How long have you been working on it?

I have been working on Hotshot since 1999 other titles within the last 10 years

What else have you worked on?hotshot5

I am also working with Alverne Ball on Zulu and Cary Kelly on Totem. Then I split my time between Titanium Comics as a Studio manager, and lead a podcast called The Stuff.

Are Zulu and Totem part of your publishing house, or do they belong to others?

No Zulu is all Alverne Ball, and Totem is all Cary Kelly.

Where can people find more of your work?

You can find my work online and in a few comic shops in Columbus, Ohio or your local comic con

What would you like to work on that you have not worked on yet?

I am still a kid at heart either Spider-man or Wolverine.

hotshot3So no DC stuff?

No really unless its Batman, but I could give DC You a try. I tried to stick with New 52 and it fell off for me. I am a huge Image fan as well, but I do not know if I can live up to Ryan Ottley’s Invincible run lol.

Do you still have a day job? If so how do you manage to get all your work done between that, comics and your personal life?

I used to have a day job, but with the support and love form my wife and family this is all I do.

Do you think working on so much waters down the work you put out out?

Depends on the pace, I am trying to get all my titles at FSK (Freestyle Komics) up and flowing and I imagine once that happens I will only have time for 1 maybe 2 projects outside of FSK.

Are you thinking of scaling back your workload?

I will scale back depending upon the success of my newest titles, but really probably not lol. I love working with creatives and in comics.

Would you recommend this way to other creators?

Yes I do it for experience, and to spread my name.

If someone wants to meet you at a con, are there any that you attend regularly?hotshot7

Yes, they can find me at Derby Con, Wizard world Cleveland, Chicago, Columbus, Philly, Raleigh, Pittsburgh, Lousiville.  and SPACE(columbus, Ohio).

Before we go is there any thing you would like to add that I have not touched on?

Along with the comics, I make a card game based off of my comics called Epic 21. I sometimes appear at schools and make comics with kids.

Do you have any other social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, Tumblr, etc, where people can reach you and see more of your stuff?

Yes I have all Fskomics on twitter, instagram FSdaArtsit on twitter as well on Facebook freestyle komics.

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  1. Fantastic interview here.

  2. CharlietheInker // June 2, 2015 at 9:51 am // Reply

    In 2011 I was collaborating with Michael Watson, after I saw his post on Digital Webbing. We signed a contract and figured out payment. After I inked all the pages for issue 6, then Michael went MIA, stop replying emails, of course no payment. And Now 2015, he publishes Hotshot 4 years later after the heat has died down, maybe the fans and creators out there should watch out for Michael Watson as an employer, collaborator.

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