Indie Comic spotlight: GODS IN CRISIS

In today’s indie comic spotlight we get to speak to George Melissaropoulos about his his work on Gods in Crisis. George has an interesting take on this comedy about the Gods of Olympus as they go through an economic crisis after they’ve spent all of their money.
Can you tell us what Gods in Crisis is about?
It’s a humoristic comic book, about Ancient Greece. Olympus is going through an economic crisis as the gods have spent all the money. The gicInternational Monetary God demands austerity measures from them, in order to be saved. So they start by interfering with famous myths and stories, like putting tolls in Thermopylae, taxing the Labyrinth and more. Humans find those measures impossible to bear and the Philosophers convince them to take down Olympus. The God Hermes will try everything he can, in order to save Olympus and also himself…

Is there any character in Gods in Crisis that stands out as your favorite?
I would say the god Hermes the god of commerce, a smart problem solver, who tries to find a solution to the whole crisis but things are more complicated than he thinks.

What was your inspiration for Gods in Crisis?
It’s mostly the everyday life in Greece for the last 5 years, the economic crisis we have to deal with, the government tactics and people behaviors.

Why enter the world of comic books?
I love comics and I used to draw a lot from a very young age. I find the comics medium great! It’s like making a movie but on paper. I also enjoy a lot taking my time and design stories and characters doing all sort of wild things.

gic5What is your primary role on Gods in Crisis?
I like writing ideas and creating stories most of all but the best part is when I get to design them as well.

Can you tell us a bit about the other people working on Gods in Crisis? How did you guys meet up? Did you know each other before? Were there a mutual friends, did you meet at a con?
In “gods in crisis” I worked with Katerina Vamvasaki and Akis Melachris who helped me by coloring some of the pages. There are both great friends and we’ve worked in a lot on illustration projects in the past for various publishers in Greece and UK. The book was also translated in English (from Greek) by John M. Brandley, who did an amazing job. Finally the book was edited by my wife Niki Konstantopoulou who supported me with ideas and positive energy throughout this project.

Do you intend for Gods in Crisis to be an ongoing, mini series, maxi series, one shot? How long did it take to complete the book, from the first time you put pen to paper?
It’s an one shot comic, a graphic novel actually. That’s it for now but in the future who knows? It took me more than 3 years, as I was working on my day job and the time was limited. I had to stay up very late and work on the weekends as well…

Did you pitch Gods in Crisis to other studios, or was this something you wanted to handle from the start?
I wanted to handle this book digitally by my own, see how it goes and then see if any publisher is interested in publishing it on paper, or translating it into any other language.


What clever ways have you come up with to market Gods in Crisis?
I can’t say I am an expert in marketing, although I ‘ve worked in the marketing area by creating illustrations for ad campaigns, but I believe social networks and pages like yours it’s the best way to get started.

Where do you see Gods in Crisis 3 years from now?
Hopefully published on paper (I love the medium, I am quite old school) and translated in more languages.


What is the next step? Are you done with Gods in Crisis and moving on to something else, or is there a follow up ?
I am working on some ideas about another comic book that will be based on a 30 page comics I did In the past called “animalies” which you can read for free here: Apart from that I am working on some animations and an indie point and click adventure game that will come out soon.

Where can people pick up Gods in Crisis?
The “Gods in Crisis” is available through AMAZON for Kindle (if you don’t have kindle you can easily download the kindle app for free, or read the book online if you are an amazon member)

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