Independent comic book publishers appear in the movie TED 2

Who says Marvel and DC comics get all the big screen action. While Hollywood in the past has gone beyond the big 2 to feature films such as Hellboy,
Barb Wire,  A History of Violence,  Road to Perdition, and a few others in the theaters, this is the first time we can recall seeing independent creators getting their work in a major motion picture. On June 26, 2015 Ted 2 was released in theaters nation wide, and in the third act of the film independent comics, and comic book publishers can be seen in the background as the cast runs around a faux Jacob Javits center during New York Comic Con. Some of the independent comics and comic publishers can be seen in the images below, sent in by one of our readers. Some of the ones we were able to find were, Creature Entertainment, Bronx Heroes, Jeff Smith’s Cartoon Books, Evil Ink’s Armory Wars, and Arcana Studios.










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  1. This wasn’t a “faux Javits center”, they actually filmed some of the footage at NYCC 2014. I was there and was happy to see some of the madness. Good for Creature Entertainment. I love Ravenous and Gun!

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