Indie Comic Spotlight: Monsterjunkies

In today’s indie comic spotlight we take a look at Monsterjunkies, from Erik Daniel Shein. Monsterjunkie is the story about a boy and his family who are entrusted with protecting a very preciuos secret. I can’t do anymore justice to the work than it’s creator Erik, so let’s hear from him.

Can you tell us what Monsterjunkies is about?monsterjumkie
The Graphic Novel centers on a teenage boy, Cromwell “Crow” Monsterjunkie, growing up in Foggy Point, Maine, with his sister, Indigo, his very accomplished mother and father, Pandora and Talon, and a secret.

Crow and his sister aren’t your typical teenagers. Not only do they both have their own distinctive ‘goth’ style, which not only sets them apart from the other kids at school but the Family’s business is the protection and preservation of endangered and what society calls non-existing creatures. And that’s the secret. Living on the grounds of Monsterjunkie Manor are various kinds of ‘extinct’ species. Crow’s best friend is Beauregard, a Sasquatch and Indigo enjoys feeding squash to Sybil, a sea serpent and throughout the property you would find a pterodactyl, a dodo and the family’s loyal Chupacabra, Chico.

That’s the conflict. Between him being a loner. His goth style and the secrets behind the stone gates of his home, Crow and anyone close to him are bullied. The entire community knows something odd is happening at the manor and the kids pay the price for the secrecy. We follow Crow and his family as they learn to deal with the harassment and slowly let a select few into their fantastic world.

11657471_10206058903124731_104826297_nWhat was your inspiration for Monsterjunkies?
My own childhood was the inspiration for the book. As a boy I had a strong interest in herpetology and was a bit of a loner. This interest exposed me to many of the same situations that Crow finds himself in.

Is there any character in the series that stands out as your favorite?
Even though Crow was based on some of my own experiences growing up and is the main character, Indigo is my favorite because of her spirit.

What is your primary role on Monsterjunkies?
I created the characters and the concept, as well as some of the story lines, and co authored the traditional novel that the comic was adapted. I also found people who were enthusiastic about the concept, and willing to invest in the book.

Can you tell us a bit about the other people working on Monsterjunkies?
The book was adapted by Mark Kidwell, and the artwork (line art, inking, color and lettering) and cover art was done by Jay Fotos Studio. The graphic novel was produced by James Costello.

How did you guys meet up?
Mark Kidwell came on-board because of his relationship with Jay Fotos, and I was introduced to Jay through an attorney I had at the time. James monster 2Costello and I met a few years ago when he produced a CGI animated feature film with me based an an original concept.

Do you intend your comic book to be an ongoing, mini series, maxi series, one shot?
Currently, there are two more graphic novels being produced to create a trilogy. We also plan to be entering into development for a movie soon. We are hoping to turn the Monsterjunkies into the franchise, the Monsterjunkie Universe.

How long did it take to complete Monsterjunkies, from the first time you put pen to paper?
Roughly four months.

Did you pitch Monsterjunkies to other studios, or was this something you wanted to handle from the start?
Initially we did all the work completely ourselves. But after the book was completed we began the process of finding a publisher. We were fortunate. Joe Martino, and Dave Ryan, from Red Anvil Comics saw the potential in the Monsterjunkies, and after we all talked, they became our publisher.

Where do you see Monsterjunkies 3 years from now?
We will continue to produce Monsterjunkie graphic novels. Hhopefully, some spin-off comics and a feature film will be out to the public.

monster 5Where can people pick this up?
It will be coming out in the Diamond Catalog in the July 2015 issue and should be available in the comic shops by September. The digital version should be out in a couple of months.

After some one has put down Monsterjunkies, is there any one thing, or experience that you hope the reader will come away with.
No matter what is your style or your interests. Whether your schoolmates or society find you odd or different. Know that there is a place for you. That you can overcome the tease or the bully. That there are others who feel the same way as you do. And with a good heart and determination you can find your path and triumph. It doesn’t matter if you are goth, disabled, black, brown, tall, short, fat or skinny, man or woman. You will get through it.

Before we go is there anything we haven’t touched, on that you’d like people to know?
As the world mores on through the 21st Century, if we are to survive and prosper, we must be true to ourselves and take care of the world and all its inhabitants around us.

Here is the Diamond preview link 3

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