Kickstarter Spotlight: FlashFire

We had a chance to speak with Matthew Blake Becker, about his project Flashfire which is on kickstarter now.

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  1. Sam Johnson // May 26, 2015 at 9:50 am // Reply

    Does anyone edit your articles? Poor spelling, poor grammar, just poor overall. And this person is a “writer”? Did he mention “sub standard” somewhere? Holy hell.

    • Sam, I gave them these answers but had nothing to do with the way they put it on this site as I am not officially affiliated with them. I to noticed many of the errors, but they were not on the version I sent them. so do not tie the editing and grammar of this article to my comic, only the overall content of the answers.

      that being said this is a large website doing a lot of stuff for the indie comic community and is only run a small number of people that have lives and jobs outside of running this site.

      not everyone is perfect or has the time to double and triple check everything they do. so ease up when you don’t know the full situation people may or may not be in.

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